President Declares National Abortion Celebration Month ?

The month of August has been declared National Abortion Month.

Speaking from the Rose Garden at the White House at noon today the president spoke to the nation. He said that for far too long the achievement of abortion and its many successes has been kept in the shadows.  The month will be celebrated with a march down Pennsylvania Ave where those who have had abortions will march carrying celebratory signs proclaiming the dates of their abortions and the numbers of past successes. Pictures of fetuses at the appropriate age of gestation will be featured on the placards of many.

The president apologized for having waited so long into his administration before proclaiming his support and admiration for those who have aborted. He explained that it was now appropriate as the nation had come to accept the celebration of Gay Lesbian month and prayer to Allah in the state department. These two previous accomplishments were noted as watershed events which had become possible now that the nation had come to realize that the nation was not a Christian nation. The notion that the nation was not a Christian nation when first presented in 2008 had caused some dissatisfaction among extreme right wing Christians but that the majority of nation recognized the achievements now represented by a multicultural nation. He reached out to the main stream Christian groups who were able find common cause with the Gay Lesbian, Abortionist Islamic groups in America.

The Washington D.C. school district has planned visits by notable people who have aborted their babies. The achievements in all areas of science, art and politics will be featured. A newly expanded seminar will feature those Gay Lesbians who have also aborted babies. Friends and families are welcome to attend in support of others even if they have not yet had an opportunity to abort. The School district wants students to realize it is never too early nor too late to abort. One speech planned is by a sixty five year old from California grandmother who would have been an Octomom at a record advanced age except for her success at Abortion. She did set a new world record for abortion at an advanced age.  A special dinner is planned for teens who have aborted and age appropriate celebrations and dances are planned throughout the month. It will be possible to obtain free abortions throughout the month at many sites set up across the city. Free burgers and drinks are served for the event both for those accompanying the celebrants and participants.

Comment by Adamantine:

I find it absolutely unbelievable that the president would declare a national month to celebrate any sin. I would withhold judgment until one could check it out and find if there really is a month dedicated to celebrating sodomy and now abortion. What is next? National prayer services giving thanks to God for homosexuality and abortion? It would be the very last straw! This must be satire. In fact this is satire!  I do not think even the wicked are yet ready to celebrate their success with aborting 40 million or more.


There is no National Abortion Celebration Month. I have written this as satire.


4 thoughts on “President Declares National Abortion Celebration Month ?

  1. I wonder how many people that are going to march down Pennsylvania holding their banners of death are part of ACORN? Just to support I sickened government. Bla!


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    Sorry if i have mislead anyone the article is a satire to show what could or should be done by people who support abortion rights.


  3. I almost missed the end !!! I thought I was going to have to go to Washington with a sign saying “AMERICA HOLD YOUR BREATH” !!! We are so close to judgment I may be compelled to anyway.


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