Do Not Cast Your Tent Towards Sodom


 Tuesday, July 5, 2011, 6:29pm (PDT)

A bill to require California public schools to teach the historical accomplishments of gay men and lesbians passed the state Legislature on Tuesday in what supporters call a first for the nation.

Comment by Adamantine:

There are some things for which you should not wish to lead the nation.

I am saddened to believe that judgment will be coming to California sooner than later. There have been some ministries already warning Christians to leave California.

I agree with those ministries.

Unless God has told you to stay in California it may be wise to leave. Unless God has told you to move to California it may be wisest to move elsewhere. What was once proper Christian living in asking God where you should live may becoming essential for survival. Do not cast your tents toward Sodom. America has other Sodom’s as well.


5 thoughts on “Do Not Cast Your Tent Towards Sodom

  1. My wife and I have been feeling a strong tug for a little more than a year to relocate our family from the Chicago area to near Austin Texas. So far we haven’t seen a clear provision from the Lord to make that happen, and events have been such that it became pretty clear the Lord was telling us to stay where we are for a season. Right now I don’t know, so since I was in the midst of looking to change jobs I put the word out to our church family (which the Lord in in his providence I believe has established for us ahead of our going there) in Austin, so no opportunity there, but I was just offered a very good job here this past week. I think for the time being He’s saying stay put- but I’m constantly praying for his guidance and wisdom on this, should the answer change.

    I mention that, because as I see things growing more evil here in IL – passing more gambling, same sex marriages, attempting to put more regulation on homeschoolers, roving bands of teenage thugs in the city, etc – I feel like this area jumping and begging for God’s judgement as well.


  2. better not live next door to sinners.

    oh wait God took out Lot before burning Sodom

    so maybe you dont have to abandon them yet maybe some more can be saved


  3. Comment by Adamantine:
    As in all things in life one is responsible for ones own life and should not allow undue influence by anyone. Those who let priest or pastor ,friend or foe ,internet site or newspaper commentary direct their life are still never removed from the responsibility for their own decisions. I have only put forth what I believe. I would not move to a city known far and wide for its sin without praying to God for guidance. In this case if I never felt I had a leading from God my default position would be not to move to sin city. Only if God directed me to go there would I do so. Everyone that I know seems to evaluate their relationship with God and how he guides according to their unique personalities.


  4. Well said Adamantine and Revo. I think only through unceasing prayer and asking our father for guidance will we see whether his will for us is like the advice Abraham gave to Lot, or the command God gave to Jonah.


  5. have to agree with you all. there really is a difference between being purpose-driven or Spirit-led. the arm of flesh does fail us-know quite a bit about that myself but learning-and God will never steer us wrong. He gives us the strength and wisdom for the challenges-of wherever we live-in measure when we rely on Him. God is so good….


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