God as a women in a Lesbian marriage


‘God the Father’ banished by mainline denomination

United Church of Christ prefers ‘to leave that more open for different expressions of the Trinity’

Comment by Adamantine:

To some degree God made men AND women in HIS own image. To some degree marriage is an expression of God’s relationship to the church and Israel. To some degree God the Father has chosen to reveal Himself in the masculine gender.

Those who would recast God as not male and would redefine marriage as between two men or two women are at risk of implying God can be a Sodomite in a marriage between two men or even a Lesbian in a marriage between two women.

There are some who think it quite intellectual to remove from God any anthropomorphic references to His identity. Many of these same people are quite sure that the early Bible is people-kind’s earliest attempt to understand the nature of God and as such it is not early primeval and pure but rather early and unevolved.

God is a jealous God and at some point these misrepresentations may anger a God for whom anger is real and not just an anthropological construct.

A major reason why the social battle against homosexual marriage is important is because it turns the definition of God on its head.


3 thoughts on “God as a women in a Lesbian marriage

  1. As a multicultural, multiracial, open and affirming church, UCC is known for many diversity “firsts.” Among these “firsts” are some noted on race: an early stand against slavery; first published African American poet; first ordained African-American pastor; and the church recognized for paying the 1 million dollar bail for Benjamin Chavis, the civil rights activist whose conviction was successfully overturned. It established the first school for the deaf and ordained the first woman pastor and first openly gay minister. It is the first major Christian deliberative body to make a statement of support for “equal marriage rights for all people regardless of gender,” and is, to date, the largest mainline Protestant Christian denominational entity in the U.S. supporting same-sex marriage with 5,600 congregations and 1.2 million members.


    This certainly can explain the kind of christianity Obama claims to have for sure. Never knew much about this denomination until the Rev Wright incidents came up, what a bunch of garbage.


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