“Truth” Update









“Truth” Update

To download spreadsheet in original Excel format, click this link:  ProphecyDaniel1211_v2.7.5

This spreadsheet lays out possible pathways to the fulfillment of the scriptures concerning the second coming of Yahusha (the Messiah) and the end of the Church Age. The content of some of the cells change daily as many of the cells are formulas driven by the current date in cell C1. It is the current state of the prophecy analysis work that I started when I became a believer in 1993.

The summary and assumptions below, although stated as fact, are an hypothesis. I am not a prophet.

Summary: The daily sacrifice will resume on the evening of September 4, 2013. It will be stopped 24 to 32 days later between September 28, 2013 and October 6, 2013. The Abomination of Desolation will occur 1290 days later during Passover of 2017 (April 10-18, 2017). The Abomination of Desolation marks the beginning of The Great Tribulation. The Great Tribulation will last 510 to 518 days. The Rapture of the Church will occur on Rosh Hashanah (September 9 or September 10) of 2018.

The following assumptions are used:

1) In his first coming, Yahusha fulfilled the Spring Hebrew festivals in precise, literal detail. In his second coming, he will fulfill the Fall Hebrew festivals (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah) in precise, literal detail.

2) The seven (7) years of the European Neighbourhood Policy Instrument (ENPI) are the seven (7) years of Daniel 9:27. The ENPI marks the timeframe within which the daily sacrifice will be stopped. The Abomination of Desolation takes place 1290 days after the sacrifice is stopped. Ref. Daniel 12:11. The ENPI began on January 1, 2007 and ends on December 31, 2013. The sacrifice must be stopped before December 31, 2013.

3) The 2300 days of Daniel 8:13-14 refer to a time period that runs from the resumption/stopping of the daily sacrifice until the restoration of the temple at Hanukkah. For the 2300 days prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14 to be fulfilled, there are two constraints:

a) If the sacrifice starts before the 2300 days, then it must be stopped at the beginning of the 2300 days.

b) If the sacrifice does not start before the 2300 days, then it must start at the beginning of the 2300 days.

We can only be certain that the sacrifice will be stopped at the beginning of or within the 2300 days.

4) The Abomination of Desolation takes place 1290 days after the stopping of the daily sacrifice, and so, necessarily occurs after the conclusion of the ENPI. Ref. Daniel 12:11. It marks the beginning of The Great Tribulation, which will continue until the Rapture of the Church. Ref. Matt. 24:15-22.

5) The Great Tribulation has a maximum duration of 1260 days. Ref. Rev. 13:5 “The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.”  (42 months x 30 days/month = 1260 days)

6) The Great Tribulation will be cut short, but we do not know by how much. Ref. Matt. 24:22. However, The Great Tribulation can not have a duration of less than zero (0) days.

7) The Rapture is followed by “a year of retribution” (ref. Isaiah 34:8) or “the year of my redemption” (ref. Isaiah 63:4). One of Yahuah’s Trumpet judgements will last for five (5) months. 5 months x 30 days/month = 150 days. 150 days is the minimum possible length of “the year of my redemption.”

8 ) 365 days is a guess at the maximum length of “a year of retribution” (ref. Isaiah 34:8) or “the year of my redemption” (ref. Isaiah 63:4)

9) As of today (July 4, 2011), the sacrifice has not been stopped. It must, however, be stopped no later than December 31, 2013, the last day of the ENPI. Adding 2300 days to July 4, 2011 yields October 20, 2017. Adding 2300 days to December 31, 2013 yields April 18, 2020. Between October 20, 2017 and April 18, 2020, Hanukkah occurs only three (3) times: on December 13, 2017; on December 3, 2018; and on December 23, 2019.

10) Only the years with a 75 day gap between Yom Kippur and Hanukkah fit the prophecies of Daniel 12:11-12. In some years, the count of days from Yom Kippur (Tishri 10) to Hanukkah (Kislev 25) is 30 days + 45 days = 75 days; inferred from Daniel 12:11-12. Other years have a 74 day gap between Yom Kippur and Hanukkah and do not fit the Daniel prophecies. See column M. This eliminates Hanukkah 2017 from further consideration. Hanukkah 2018 and Hanukkah 2019 remain the only possible dates for the termination of the 2300 days. By subtracting 2300 days from Hanukkah 2018, we can deduce that the earliest possible date for the stopping of the sacrifice is August 15, 2012. By subtracting 2300 days from Hanukkah 2019, we can deduce that the latest possible date for the starting of the sacrifice is September 4, 2013.

11) Yahusha hinted that The Great Tribulation would not begin on a Sabbath or during a winter. Ref. Matt. 24:20. In Jerusalem, winter weather occurs from about November 1 through April 1. Therefore, The Great Tribulation would start sometime during the warm months that begin on about April 1 and run up to November 1. Subtracting 1290 days from these warm months yields a window during which the stopping of the daily sacrifice could occur. That window runs from about September 19 of a given year through April 21 of the following year, except in the year 2013. (The stopping of the daily sacrifice must occur by December 31, 2013 – the end of the ENPI.) Any of the “ENPI windows to stop sacrifice” (see cell C35) can be eliminated from consideration if such a window ends before the 2300 days begin. As of today (July 4, 2011), only Windows 3 and 4 remain possibilities for a 2018 Hanukkah, and only Window 4 remains a possibility for a 2019 Hanukkah. We can also deduce from this that if no stopping or starting of the sacrifice occurs on 8/15/2012, then Windows 3 & 4 for a 2018 final Hanukkah will be eliminated. That would leave Hanukkah 2019 as the only possible remaining terminal date for the 2300 days.

12) I strongly suspect that the daily sacrifice will resume on the evening of September 4, 2013. Subtracting 2300 days from the beginning of Hanukkah 2019 (begins after sunset on December 22, 2019) yields the beginning of Rosh Hashanah 2013 (begins after sunset on September 4, 2013). This is the ideal date for resumption of the daily sacrifice. It has precedence in scripture. Ref. Haggai 1:15 and Ezra 3:6. Ezra 3:6 states clearly that the daily sacrifice resumed on a Rosh Hashanah (the first day of the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar).

13) I strongly suspect that The Rapture of the Church will occur on Rosh Hashanah, September 9 or September 10, 2018, also known as the Festival of the New Moon. A new moon is completely dark. Ref. Mark 13:24.

Comment by Adamantine:

Thanks to “Truth” for his work. If one makes some reasonable assumptions we are left with some dates which might be the next ones to look to in the coming  years for the major prophetic events to occur.


9 thoughts on ““Truth” Update

  1. I guess “assumptions” are okay, as long as we are looking for the Truth, as it relates to our Lord and Savior and His ultimate Return.

    One thing that keeps me believing in the whole ENP(I) theory, is the revelation that “Scott” of “Born to Watch” brought to the attention of fellow watchers. He mentioned that the week that the coming Antichrist confirms the Covenant with Many – and the 70th week may be two separate events that overlap at some point in time.

    If the ENP(I)’s given timeframe is the confirming source of the 1995 Barcelona Process – and Javier Solana is the coming Antichrist, then we must also consider that the Beast System of the EU is the 1st Beast mentioned in Revelation 13; and there is indeed only ONE End Time “bad guy”. I say this because of the way things appear to be falling into place – at least the way that I see them.

    A thing to note is that , just because we have what appears to be the Covenant with Many in place – doesn’t necessarily mean that the 70th week has started; or as I believe that the final 3.5 years has commenced. The timing of it all may throw us off, as we don’t understand which is which at this juncture.

    But, since we are “assuming things” here, let’s also assume that Javier Solana will come back to the position of High Representative – and be given “power to continue” for 42 months. If he is given this position of authority again; which I strongly suspect that he might – then the final 3.5 years will not start until the A0D has happened. Another thing to note is, that the coming Antichrist will be given power over the Saints for 42 months – and this does not necessarily mean that it has to start at the same time; and/or exact day that he is given “power to continue”.

    There is absolutely so much confusion concerning the final 7 years; or the 3.5 year period that I believe Scripture gives – that we really do have to be patient. We must consider all things that relate to what has been provided to us by Scripture, as it speaks of End Time Prophecy – after all, it could very well only be a 3.5 year period that we are actually waiting for, and not a final 7 year Tribulation period as many teach. The question then becomes – “then how does the week that the coming Antichrist confirms the Covenant with Many fit in?”

    If the ENP(I) is real then, as Scripture mentions – that within the middle of this “week” cessation or stoppage of sacrifice has to occur prior to the A0D. Since we have apparently passed the “middle” – the question then becomes: “Is the exact middle?” Or another question could be: “Is it speaking towards the end of the week, or sometime around the middle?” If this any of this is plausible, then we MUST see something very, very soon, in order for the ENP(I) to qualify. Then we have to question what qualifies as the “cessation of sacrifice?” I mean, is it the daily worship at the Wailing Wall? Or is it a literal cessation of animal sacrifice – which would also have to be instituted at some point prior to Javier Solana coming back into position as the High Representative, if the ENP(I) is the real deal?

    There are a lot of questions to be answered here. But one thing that I’m sure of, and that is the the coming Antichrist will be a man of war – and NOT some person seeking the praise and honor of men as if he was the Savior. Scripture does not paint a picture of him like that – at least not to me. I see a man coming in working behind the power of Satan, and he will absolutely seek to destroy the World for self gain. Not that he comes in as a “False Messiah” – seeking to be worshiped, as many think.

    Sorry, I got sidetracked there for a minute, but it just goes to show you that End Time deception will be horrific – and if we’re all not careful, we too may fall to some of this nonsense that is being teached.

    Wars will continue to the End. There will be no time of “peace” that the coming Antichrist brings in. Nor will he have the solution to the worlds problems – people will just be deceived into believing a lie. Times will be hard, and really, really bad for most.

    So in closing, we know that the apostasy must occur, and the man of sin must be revealed before the Return of Christ. I pray that we just all remain vigilant and watchful – keeping each other informed of lies and deception, and events that may fulfill Bible Prophecy. They were unaware at His First Coming – and most will be at His Second Coming as well.


  2. Mr. Baldy,

    Thank you for bringing your considered commentary to this posting. It is much appreciated.

    My understanding of Daniel 9:27 is that its “seven” is merely the time period within which the sacrifice will be stopped. It may have no other signifigance. Some Bible translators translate the critical portion of the passage to say “in the middle of the seven…” and others translate it as “in the midst of the seven…” The latter translation allows for a stopping of the sacrifice all the way up to December 31, 2013, the last day of the ENPI.

    I believe that Daniel 9:24 may refer to a different “seven,” perhaps a larger “Jubilee seven.” Please note my comments in the spreadsheet in cells K10, K11, and K22. Since Daniel 9:24 includes “and your holy city,” it may be that the final “seven” began on June 7, 1967 when the Israelis captured Jerusalem. If so, that “seven” will end on September 23, 2015, a Yom Kippur. That date may well be the day upon which the Israelis lose control of Jerusalem.

    In all of the scenarios I have calculated, September 23, 2015 falls between the stopping of the sacrifice and the abomination of desolation. I strongly suspect that Israel will be actively engaged in defending herself from the nations warring against her before, during, and after September 23, 2015.




  3. Truth – thank you for all the work you’ve put into this analysis. Being someone who does lots of analytical work on spreadsheet for a living – it helps me to sort out my thoughts to see all the relationships logically laid out in black and white where errors and miscalculations can be easily seen. I’m definitely interested in your take on Daniel 12:11 and the time between the stopping of the sacrifice and the AoD. It has bugged me for a long time that the opinion among most is both of those events occur at the beginning of the 1290 days – but the more I dig into the hebrew of that text and more literal translations, I’m not so sure that is what it says – and want to at least consider that we may have understood that incorrectly.

    I have to admit, I’m a little cautious about putting such precise dates and requiring so many precise timeframes between dates on the Jewish calendar. You have reasoned it out very well, and documented carefully, but it still makes me a bit uneasy when we start building in such detailed assumptions. So many detailed assumptions about which dates coincided and which periods overlapped and which did not have gotten many in the mainstream who will consider prophecy to latch on to many assumptions that are not clearly supported by the text.

    I don’t want us to ever get into such a rigid mindset of watching that someone could come up to us with evidence of prophecy being fulfilled and having us dismiss them with a wave because their evidence didn’t fit our template.


  4. Comment by Adamantine:
    To Justasheep:
    I agree with your concern in that this scenario is built on a fair number of assumptions.
    It was the acceptance of a lot of others assumptions that have failed so far ( if we were to believe in the “classic” everything occurs in seven years position) that has confused so many so far in that that position has failed.
    I would point out also that many prior to 1948 expected the Antichrist to be responsible for placing the Jews back in the land. When this did not occur for awhile some went so far as to say that this current return to the land would not last and was not the end times prophetic occurrence.
    Otherwise to look at things in this manner with detailed assumptions forces one to think about the assumptions and realize that they are just that. Those who never have even attempted to do so are not thinking and are at the mercy of writers such as Hal Lindsey or others as if they are “prophets” themselves.
    I am of the opinion that the end time generation will only be able to fully figure it out while it is actually occurring and for this reason I agree with so much that Mr. Baldy has stated. In the meantime I am simply unsure and have relaxed my degree of certainty.
    I am so thankful that there are intelligent people who are willing to consider these things and would really be somewhat
    disturbed if I had to consider these things without help.


  5. justasheep,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I, too, wrestled with Daniel 12:11. It never made sense to me that both the stopping of the sacrifice and the abomination of desolation would happen at the beginning of the 1290 days. If that were the case, I reasoned, then from that time, there would be 1290 days … to what? It makes much more sense if we put the events as “bookends” on the 1290 days. Indeed, if you look at the available translations of Daniel 12:11 (try http://www.biblegateway.com), you will find that several translators actually put 1290 days between the stopping of the sacrifice and the abomination of desolation.

    Thank you also for your caution. I am mindful that I am not a prophet. I made sure that I began my posting with a disclaimer that this is my hypothesis. If no stopping of the sacrifice occurs by December 31, 2013, then the hypothesis fails. If it does fail, I will be disappointed. It would likely mean that the Rapture would not happen in my lifetime. I am grateful that we have to wait only a relatively short time to know with certainty if the hypothesis fails.

    However, if it does not fail, then we will have a very strong framework for understanding events and their timings as the curtain comes down on the Church Age. What a privilege it would be to be allowed to participate in such a time in history!




  6. Truth, even if your hypothesis fail, I still believe that we will see the return of the Lord in our lifetime. There is just too much happening that fits prophecy, even if (that is IF) the ENP is not the confirmed covenant and your study fails. I can write a huge list of signs that were not present as close as 10 years ago that is happening currently.



  7. Amen- I’m glad to see that this remains a safe place for carefully researched speculation. I want to encourage Truth, Adamantine, Wickus, Mr. Baldy and many others who are studying God’s word carefully and looking at the world we live in to keep speculating. I am glad there is a healthy open discussion here – that is safeguarded by a healthy protection of the free expression of ideas (along with I’m sure a biblically sound rebuke if any of us stray off into clear heresy). Oh and btw – a magnitude 7.8 off the coast of New Zealand today- I’m glad that I haven’t heard of any major damage or injuries from it yet.


  8. waiting on the Lord…, what a thing to believe. The signs are all around…, if we could but preceive. It’ll shine when it shines,…….i’m just a good ole boy, whose learned to wait. I’m a standin’ on the Rock waitin’ for the guns to quit,…..standin’ on the Rock, waitin’ for the peices to fit.//Praise Jesus, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Boy oh boy, this IS powerful stuff. i’m truely astounded to think that this is actually happening. i met Herb Peters and Constance Cumbey at a michigan prophecy conference in 2005. i have been counting out time ever since, i want to see Jesus.//Keep us where you are Lord,..strenghten us,…use us to your glory. Draw us in close to you.Teach us to serve unselfishly, for Your sake Lord. Change me, teach me to be anxious for nothing. Give me the peace that surpasses ALL understanding., but do give me understanding Lord, and wisdom in all things.amen


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