The Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood

The Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood

Comment by Adamantine:

I would not like to be seen as being too critical of the president of the United States. Hence I will simply say he is an anti-christian  who would like to see the success of all things Islamic even if it is at the expense of the USA and Israel.



4 thoughts on “The Tipping Point: Embracing the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. obama talks talk that some say is pro-america. sorry i don’t hear it. and then i watch how he helps and furthers the interests and causes of sworn enemies of america (and of course israel) with money and policies to our undoing and their emboldening-then i know -he is absolutely against america and her people. who is he working for? not us-we the people-the ones he swore to serve. it is all playing into the hands of our enemies and God is allowing it. it fits His Word-to the letter it is all coming together-that man cannot govern himself on the earth. it is time very soon as the pieces finish coming together for Jesus Christ to come and take away satan’s rule through unruly God-hating men.


  2. Liberation theology in the black church is not the gospel of the kingdom of our saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. This is what he accepted, not repentence towards God and salvation. He believes in collective salvation, a thing never mentioned in the holy scriptures. He is a politician only, first and foremost. That is not what a leader should be. Whatever else is going on sure seems to be more evident each day and each thing he does to bring our country down.

    I agree with all that you stated here andre’ leibee


  3. Cough cough Vomit Vomit…….. This guy should not be in office. He is NOT a person I can respect. Everyone is entitled to believe what they choose but to LIE as this guy does to achieve his ideals is sickening. And to do it with a smile no less. If he does not turn from his ways ( which he won’t ) he will have a luxury sweet in hell. ARGH! Hillary too.

    I try to find peace in the fact that he is in Office by the Authority of the Lord. Otherwise I’d burn with anger. ARGH!

    Will he be gone in 2012? Will we all be gone in 2012? I have a feeling that if gone his replacement would be worse unless of course The Kings of the Earth have already achieved their goal!


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