Yellow Alert: Seven Year Strengthened treaty between the EU and its many neighors including Israel is now 65% Elapsed.

Comment by Adamantine:

I suppose I am wondering  if we still might have an economic crisis someday that would allow possible prophetic events to accelerate.

In the meantime the US is borrowing money to finance foreign wars in the middle east. This is what has bankrupted a slew of past empires! What is so ridiculous is that it is ostensibly to make the area safe for democracy. The people in these countries do not desire democracy. They desire an Islamic Caliphate where those other than Islamic are held in second class citizenship. The seven year ENPI is now about 64.37 % elapsed. Without a stopping of sacrifice during the remaining 911 days which would satisfy the precept that there is a stopping of the sacrifice during this seven year treaty the theory fails in my estimation.

There has never before in history existed such a time as these years when and where it has been possible for a sacrifice to be attempted.

The Jews are back in Israel and they possess both Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. There now exists several organizations which have the starting of sacrifice on the Temple Mount as a stated goal. They have the prepared means. The articles are ready. An altar has been prepared.  A red heifer has been found. Calls for Passover sacrifice have gone out on multiple years.

In the meantime sections of the theory as suggested by Herb Peters have faded. The prime suspect for the prime actor in the end time plan has retired officially. He keeps himself ready to be called back as needed however and he is the least retired of all men on the face of the earth. The WEU ten nation military grouping which was equally important has dissolved. However before it dissolved it transferred its powers to the EU. The EU in the meantime has been identified by many secular writers to be the heir apparent to the old Roman Empire.

So much appears ready. So much appears Shadow.

In 2008 I gave a presentation which detailed these possibilities and I entitled it an Orange Alert  i.e. one step below a Red alert. Today I can give it only a Yellow alert which would be essentially one step below an Orange alert. To me yellow signals caution. I think it a time for caution in holding back and not promoting this theory and a time for caution in not yet discarding the theory.

Certainly my opinion is not of prime importance here and I am always pleased to see comment to the contrary.


One thought on “Yellow Alert: Seven Year Strengthened treaty between the EU and its many neighors including Israel is now 65% Elapsed.

  1. I do have one thing to say. It may have been said previously, but I feel the need to reiterate if so. A reestablishment of sacrifice on the temple mount, or anywhere else, truly would be an affront to our Creator, as He has already provided the perfect sacrifice in our Lord, Jesus, who put an end to sacrifice, once and for all, when He gave His life 2000 years ago. I understand the vast majority of Jews do not yet believe or understand these truths, and will therefore continue to seek reestablishment of the sacrifice, but it is not something that is pleasing to God. The growing reunification of God’s people, the Jews who are coming to Christ, and many of those who are among the scattered ten tribes, I believe is occurring, and has been occurring for years. Many who come to Christ, if there lineage could be traced by man, would be shown to be among the members of the scattered, fulfilling the prophecy in Ezekiel, and bringing back together the two sticks of Ephraim and Judah. Then we will see true unity between our brethren the Jews, and our brethren the lost, scattered, and now found members of the “lost” tribes (God has lost nothing). Wait and see this fulfillment grow to the degree that it just can no longer be overlooked as a major movement, and you will likely shift your paradigm of end times eschatology to a significant degree.


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