Will Crisis-Ridden Europe Find Its Own Alexander Hamilton?

European Alexander Hamilton


In the late 18th century, financial troubles threatened to tear apart the newly formed union. In many ways, the crisis was not unlike the one Europe is now trying to contain with a second bailout of Greece.

In 1946, Winston Churchill voiced the aspiration he and other leaders shared for a Europe ravaged by war. “To re-create the European family,” he pledged, “and to provide it with a structure under which it can dwell in peace, in safety and in freedom. We must build a kind of United States of Europe.”

At this crucial juncture in its history, Europe may need its own Hamilton to make that vision a reality.

Comment by Adamantine:

Thanks to Justasheep for the link

The need is there it would seem. We are all waiting to see if Europe will need to make use of such dramatic changes. In particular we know that there is one retired elderly gentleman who has the ability to fulfill the needs of Europe and prophecy. Are we at such a crossroads?



One thought on “Will Crisis-Ridden Europe Find Its Own Alexander Hamilton?

  1. My prayer is that we are for sure adamantine. That our waiting for the coming of Jesus be soon ended for sure. Bring back that great man sunnyspot, this was the way his name was translated one time, and I just cannot help myself from using it. That elderly, retired gentleman is surely needed to bring all the world together.


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