Memorial to SEATO and WEU

Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SEATO flag
SEATO’s flag.
Map of SEATO members
Map of SEATO members, shown in purple.
Abbreviation SEATO
Formation 8 September 1954
Extinction 30 June 1977
Type intergovernmental military alliance
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand
Region served Southeast Asia

The organization was formally dissolved on 30 June 1977.


Western European Union Flag

Capital Brussels
Political structure Intergovernmental Military Organization
Historical era Cold War
 – Treaty of Brussels 17 March 1948
 – London and Paris Accords 21 October 1954
 – Treaty of Lisbon 1 December 2009
 – Abolition June 30, 2011
Today part of the EU In 2009, the Treaty of Lisbon took over the WEU’s mutual defence clause

The organization was formally dissolved on 30 June 2011.


The scent of the trail grows faint while  the mist moves in under a setting sun.   We grow tired as fatigue sets in and hunger calls us back to more routine tasks of sleeping, eating and drinking .  A text message arrives informing us of the minutes left on our cell phone and the cares and pleasures of this world call us back to civilization where we have responsibilities to be marrying and giving in marriage. Was  setting out on this particular hunt foolishness ? or is there still a chance that the rumors of the great buck with a trophy set of horns is true and he is standing  just around the bend on this very trail ?

Comment by Adamantine:

 SEATO …..8 September 1954 … June 30,1977

WEU……21 October 1954….to June 30, 2011

Both organizations were Intergovernmental Military Organizations and were formed within months of each other in 1954.

Both were dissolved on June 30 of their respective years.

SEATO was the South East Treaty Organization and it dissolved  June 30,1977.  It is extinct.

WEU was the Western European Organization and it dissolved June 30,2011. It’s powers were transferred to the European Union.


Comment by Adamantine:

The intergovernmental military powers of SEATO dissolved and were not transferred to any successor organization.

The intergovernmental military powers of the WEU were transferred to the EU as a successor organization.

This was accomplished by Recommendation 666

Herb Peters originated the theory and we follow the news as it relates to the successor European Union and its principal actors past and present.

Hence we may memorialize both SEATO and the WEU but the accomplishments of only one of these organizations lives on in a successor organization and we wonder if those powers will someday prophetically be given to someone who will fulfill the prophesies as interpreted to mean the leadership of the revised and revived Roman Empire.


2 thoughts on “Memorial to SEATO and WEU

  1. The rise of a new multi-polar system. Not too long ago, during the bi-polar times of the cold war with two great powers it would have been sort of preposterous to think of what could give rise to a new roman empire, a power resembling Gog from the land of Magog, a King of the South to come against the King of the North (aka man of lawlessness, etc), and a power from the east that would raise a 200 Million man army.

    Now it seems in the past couple years as we see the American Hegemony faid into history – that’s exactly what we have. We have a the rise of Europe to fill the vacuum of the US decline, but weakly and without cohesion at this point. We see an increasling strident Russia needing to align itself more closely with many of it’s former republics, hoping to secure it’s role as a major world power. The Arab spring has left us wondering who will come in to pick up the pieces and bring North Africa, the Arabian peninsula, and much of the middle east out of defacto anarchy and unrest – I don’t think much of that region will be very tolerant of a new European Hegemony to fill the void or restore order in Europe’s preferred image. This makes me think there are many reasons to be looking for a new caliphate – at least the fuel to make a hard run at one. Last but certainly not least, we all see China. It’s been a quiet giant for many years, growing and developing its economy at a blistering rate – now we see it needing to find new resources to keep that going and defend what is has built so far. Will China be satisified to be a somewhat isolated, massive regional power that is unable influence the world after it’s own image? I don’t think so.

    So there you have it from my point of view, the Roman empire is back, Gog from Magog is hungry and ready to go, The King of the South is just beyond the horizon and China is in a place where it could easily transition from an economic power to a huge military one. I was talking with my wife and I don’t see it spelled out anywhere that the AC will be some kind of king of a global governement – more likely he will exert influence over all and have power over all without the honor of a king. I don’t see a “one world government” in the scriptures- rather I see one who will have power over all through his cleverness. A lot of this may have been obvious to many, I just wanted to sum it up since it seems to be a theme I see in most of the political/economic news stories coming out from across the world.


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    I think you said it very well. I do not think the AC ever rules the world but the closest he comes is in the economic realm where the economic system for awhile runs after or from his guidance and initiation. Some think the real control of buying and selling will only be in the beast kingdom but I suspect many other areas will be on board too. All governments want control and nothing gives better control than to be monitoring all buying and selling.
    The threat that the AC and his kingdom might get world control is in my guess part of that which eventually causes the economic system to fall apart and the various remaining powers to jostle for power.
    I agree with your assessment.
    It is just about there..


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