USA as an advocate of Homosexuality

Washington D.C., Jun 30, 2011 / 10:45 am (CNA).- Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has praised State Department action on “LGBT” rights which includes support for Gay Pride marches and a Lady Gaga concert in Rome. But two critics said U.S. advocacy is “far beyond the mainstream” and risks alienating the Church from social life in Catholic countries.

“The administration has made the LGBT agenda one of the cornerstones of their foreign policy,” said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. “They have directed their embassies everywhere to monitor and assist domestic homosexual movements whether the host country and their people accept it or not.”

Comment by Adamantine:

Bible in Basic English

By righteousness a nation is lifted up, but sin is a cause of shame to the peoples.

I am ashamed that I do not expect to hear much rebuke of the government for this policy from Christians who claim they are Bible believing.

Many Christians claim they are not ashamed of the gospel but the gospel includes all that we think the Bible includes for today.


The USA is moving beyond passive acceptance of “alternative lifestyles” but now celebrates and promotes the homosexual agenda. It is this celebration and promotion I suggest which places it in line for God’s action in judgment.



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