European Union’s next seven-yearly budget

Europe’s nations are marching to the long battle that is the negotiation over the European Union’s next seven-yearly budget.

…… the EU needs more money to meet its members’ demands, among them creating a diplomatic service, supporting the Arab spring and fighting climate change.

This time the fight for money could be even bloodier than in the past. But it is unlikely to be any more decisive.

Comment by Adamantine:

When I learned  in the 1990’s that the EU elected its parliament every seven years and that its budget is done in seven year increments I pondered that someday we would see an agreement with Israel that involved these seven year agreements.

This happened in late 2006 when the budget and agreements for the funding of the ENPI involved a seven year strengthened agreement between the EU Israel and many other nations. It was a first in world history and anyone watching Bible prophecy should have been interested. That agreement ends in 2013.

Because the ENPI will likely continue into the future we are likely to see another agreement between the EU, Israel and many nations that is again funded and agreed for seven years.

Those of us who studied the history of the first European Neighborhood Policy and its strengthening for seven years were amazed to find that the whole project grew under the direction of JS who was also the leader of a ten nation Western European Union.

The Western European Union has transferred its powers to the EU and as an organization will simply be a pension fund organization, hardly the likely site of the power base for the rise of the Antichrist. We have discussed the possibility that the prophetic purposes of the ten nation Western European Union have already been achieved but will now only be visible to those who have had the interest to learn these things.

The current theory  related to the first seven year ENPI as a portentous prophetic puzzle will likely only be of value until the end of the first seven year treaty to the end of the year 2013.

Should we watch to see what the second seven year ENPI entails? It may again involve Israel with new attention to the “Arab Spring”.

The WEU as a  military Treaty of Ten Nations ends  today.


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