America under Divine Judgment ?

Evangelical preacher John MacArthur spoke at the 2011 Resolved Conference in Palm Springs, Calif., Saturday evening, saying America’s sins were akin to that of Israel’s and the nation was under divine judgment.

Comment by Adamantine:

So few seem to understand that God still Blesses and Curses. Thank to Born to Watch for the link. I had to re post it here because I am so concerned it is true.

I felt one could see the warnings in the 1990’s, the start of difficulties in 2001 with acceleration in 2007 .

Where this will go and how much deeper depends on America. I consider the homosexual issue to be the bellwether topic of the day. It dose not bode well for the country. The country is staggering some but still determined to continue in the path of its own choosing.

If MacArthur may submit his opinion may I submit my perception?Even as he does not claim to be a prophet by saying what he sees neither do I make a claim to divine insight. Rather this is my thought as illuminated by the teachings of the Bible.

We are not yet ready for a knockout blow but will soon hit the mat in a fall following a judgment. So far so few have considered the possibility we are under judgment but that will change fairly soon. I suppose the next phase is for the nation to at first consider and discard such thoughts that God might be judging.



3 thoughts on “America under Divine Judgment ?

  1. i just wanted to throw a thought out that i’ve had since we have been watching, since 2007. Although things seem more evil than ever with the push for acceptance of homosexual marriage, etc. there doesn’t seem to be the rampant overwhelming flood of opposition that i had always thought we would be experiencing as christians. Now to be sure, i do see in the news how we are being marginalized by the media, entertainers, and such. Maybe that is all ramped up by one specific event or the A.C. starting everything off with his abominable statement. Maybe i’m living in a bubble, while believers in other parts of the world are being tortured and killed for their belief. Does anyone think like this?


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    This not to meant as a criticism to you Happydaddy or anyone else specifically.
    Here is my answer:

    Currently as long as no one says anything against the new morality (lack thereof) they are left alone at work and school. It is only if you directly oppose the homosexuality openly at school or at work do they suffer. I know of someone who lost a job in part because he spoke up against homosexuality. I also know another one who lost significant business referrals because he was known as antiabortion. Most of Christian society is not challenging the society on its own turf but rather keeping the discussions among themselves as we do on this site. Currently I doubt anyone is suffering because of what they express here. The same discussion at work may very well lead to a loss of job. Soldiers in the Army in the US will soon have to keep their mouth shut concerning homosexuality if they oppose it.

    Some have made the excellent point that no one can make a compromise with the devil as he will eventually break it and come after you.

    The day is coming when the world will not wish you to have the ability to speak privately against homosexuality anymore than currently they allow you to discuss war against your country from the pulpit. Some day the concepts that you are against homosexuality will be considered in and of itself to be subversive.
    This has happened in all times and places. Communism eventually did not allow private worship anymore than Islam does where Christ is concerned.

    There is peace for Christians in some areas of the world because they are not opposing the new world order.
    Where the opposing forces against Christianity are already in power just being Christian is no longer allowed and they are being attacked even when they attempt to stay inside their churches.


  3. you haven’t offended me! i agree! I have not been as vocal as i should, and i feel, hope there is going to come a day when we will be asked where we stand on such divisive issues. I’m amazed that such a small minority of people can make such change in this world. It goes to show how comfortable the church has become with our comfortable lifestyles. We don’t want to do anything that would dislodge us from our toys and other such things. We are the last holdout of freedom in this world, and our freedoms being taken away will hopefully awaken us from our stupor. Thanks for your work and words.


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