Whither the Arab Spring?… The Rise of the Islamic Caliphate.


But what does it all mean for the immediate and long-term future of the region?

But what of the future?

The extent of the malaise in the Muslim World requires a comprehensive change, not just a change of faces. Replacing Ben Ali in Tunisia or Mubarak in Egypt with those who worked with, supported, or even legitimised their regimes is no solution. Democracy is not the solution either. Pakistan and Sudan are democracies after all, and are no better than an Egypt or Tunisia. What is required is comprehensive change at the level of the regime and system….it is clear to any impartial observer that it is the Islamic revival that gathers steam and the Muslims want change on the basis of Islam.….It is not the European model of the secular nation-state that represents the values, beliefs and history of the Muslim World; it is the Islamic model of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate, …. would be a source of progress.

Uthman Badar is the media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia, the local chapter of the largest global Islamic political party.

A conference is being convened on Sunday July 3 2011 in Sydney on the theme of the Uprisings in the Muslim World. All information can be found at www.uprisings2011.com.

Comment by Adamantine:

The Caliphate is the answer for this region as promoted by the indigenous peoples. From Biblical Prophecy one major theory suggests it will be a western European power in the form of a revised revived Roman Empire that will ultimately hold power in the region at the time of the return of Christ.  I suggest that those who favor the concept of an Islamic Antichrist will soon find support for their theory in the rise of something approximating an Islamic Caliphate. This in turn may provide cover for the rise of the Antichrist in Europe. It will be the threat/blessing of the Islamic Caliphate that will occupy the minds of the West. I ponder the possibility that the Caliphates may give rise to the southern power base that allies with the King of the north to invade the middle east and attempt to destroy Israel and to take a spoil. This would be the war of Psalm 83 and might end with the destruction of the northern armies on the mountains of Israel and Damascus shall be no more. I ponder that the Antichrist might sweep into the middle east with associated military victories leading NATO and the EU forces as representatives of the UN to establish peace. The stopping of the sacrifice on the Temple Mount may occur prior to this war and provide the political spark that is used to justify the Islamic/Northern alliance to act.

What I have written is conjecture but currently what I suspect in light of Bible prophecy and current events

Freedom is not a universal value. There are some areas of the middle east which have never valued freedom. They have been ruled by some form of despot since the earliest days of recorded history.Islam is not a democratic force.



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