The first time Christ came to earth it was to forgive. When He comes again His fury will be unimaginable.

First and Second Coming of Christ

andre’ leibee
June 28, 2011 7:04

adamantine-i’ve thought about all this for a while–sinful man is so base in his dishonesty and it shows up in the fundamentals doesn’t it? God made sex for man and woman in marriage as a spiritual picture for us to participate in the mystery of relationship. He ordained the use of bodies for this between male and female that the union would picture spirit touching spirit (as well as to procreate). so sex in any form outside of marriage is spiritual adultery because it totally distorts His intention with His creation. i notice that He speaks in marriage terms between Christ and His Church (His Bride). from Genesis on-the world has understood that marriage was of God. a plumber knows you have to have male and female parts to get things to flow! it’s fundamental! homosexuals get the whole concept in disarray which is an afront to us all as we did not create ourselves but designed by our Creator. and that is what they want-to cut the heart out of-accountability and accessibilty (where faith has a part to play) by God so man can presume to relate only on his lowest level and attempt to remove the Lord from a relationship with His Own creation. they worship the creature (the created) instead of the Creator as romans 1 tells us. it is a spiritual disconnect that the devil wants to happen- original sin caused the disconnect in the first place-but the sin of the homosexual portrays very graphically how broken a person intends to be from God the Creator-going right to the base of that tree so to speak to chop it down. the independence found in pride wants to make equals of God and man (the devil got kicked out of heaven for that one-isaiah 14) which of course in a reprobate mind is thought possible but it cannot ever ever be. God has the patent on humankind. it is the height of dishonor to the Maker in the sin of homosexuality and that i think is why it strikes such a final discordant note with Him. and it is not new-nothing new under the sun-but speaking of our times you can see the downgrade of our society when evolution really came into vogue-the “high-minded” actually proported to think they had God “on the ropes” wanting to give Him their knockout punch. men in their families got a further downgrade as the women’s movement continued to throw off biblical authority for society as a whole. divorce created homes that tore out the hearts of children leaving them suseptible to emotional distortions about family and what the natural gift of healthy human love even looks like. no wonder people can get such ugly pictures of God in their minds. sadly the church has for years rolled over and played dead at the battlefront of society’s decay (another day’s topic). in the beginning when the Lord said–thou shalt–man threw up his hand-well fist actually-to oppose Him and has found as many ways as there are people to sin-willfully sin against Him. and here we are today still looking at the ancient Truth (that cannot be unsaid nor undone) that man cannot fix himself out of self-destruct mode. thank God for his unspeakable gift-the free gift of His Son Who fixed that original sin problem and longs-longs to save every single sinner yet will not force anyone to repent and trust Him. it is horrible what man can think up to do to another man and these days as sin goes off the charts-evil continually-we see that God will take out His wrath on those who have thought themselves-in the excesses of pride-able to live without answering to Him. the first time He came to earth it was to forgive. when He comes again His fury will be unimaginable………and i want to say–this site keeps the right challenges before us and that is a service to God and to us all. thank you.

Comment by Adamantine:

This thoughtful and controversial for many commentary by andre’ leibee has been brought to the front for consideration.

Much to ponder.

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