Planning Ahead

Comment by Adamantine:

Sometimes I desire to make a comment that I find interesting even if it cannot be proven.

Historical antcedent.

Philip the II of Macedon was assassinated by a member of his own bodyguard because the bodyguard had been homosexually raped by one of Philips Generals and Philip refused to punish the General. Philip did plan on paying off the bodyguard with promotions and honor but the guard felt his honor had been too damaged to accept this avenue.

Philip the II had been planning the invasion of Persia.

Alexander his 18 year old son began the campaign to invade Persia two days after the assassination of his father. Such is the power of ambition and planning.

I suggest that should we see JS obtain a reappointment then the action will begin almost immediately.

There will be no delay, none.

Sardonyx cameo representing Alexander the Great. Thought to be by Pyrgoteles, engraver of Alexander, around 325 BC. Cabinet des Médailles, Paris.

Map of Alexander's empire.

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