Controversy Ahead

My Faith: Why I don't sing the 'Star Spangled Banner'

My Faith: Why I don’t sing the ‘Star Spangled Banner

These convictions do not reflect ingratitude or hatred for our country. Rather, they reflect a deep love for the church and a passionate desire for the church to be the church.

Mennonite beliefs and practices seem bizarre to some and offensive to others. But it’s life in this strange tribe that keeps me faithful to what I believe. I love my country, but I sing my loyalty and pledge my allegiance to Jesus alone.

Comment by Adamantine:

This is a new area of thought for me. Fulfilled Prophecy had for me a too high opinion of the leadership of a nation such that even in discussion about the evils of a particular leader they were concerned not to offend secular powers.

I grew up seeing up front near the pastor in my church the countries flag fly immediately next to some sort of flag representing my Christian religion. ( To this day I do not remember much about the design of the “Christian Flag”.)

Nothing brings greater shame to me as a Christian than to see the German Swastika fly in the churches of the German Nazi era.

I am coming around to the opinion that I will move just a bit my own personal dividing line between church, God and country.

This is something to ponder. The Antichrist it would seem will someday makes great use of combining allegiance to religion, himself and the state.


3 thoughts on “Controversy Ahead

  1. keeping this and the other posts about the caliphate in mind it is good to remember what I posted earlier about the seals,horses,riders and FLAGS…….don’t you think?

    heads up! It’s comin’ down!


  2. Wow! a thought that has been on my mind too a lot lately. Until Jesus comes to set up his earthly kingdom, who has rule and reign over the nations and governments? It’s always seemed mighty arrogant to me, that Americans think everything we do is God-ordained.


  3. Well remember that the first to flee to the wilderness, as this land was called then, were fleeing religious persecution from the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches which ruled over them.
    They were freed from the Popish nightmare, that only went to worship almost and obedience to the Kings. Anyway, many first believers died rather than swear allegience to the Roman emperors in worship that is for sure.

    And many died rather than admit that they believed in what the Roman Catholics taught.

    For that reason I admire this country, the Puritans when they came over after the pilgrims, were themselves perssecutors in some ways as well.

    But of course, no matter what our woship only goes to God, not any country or any man etc etc.

    As did all the martyrs before us, many of us may join them. But as being one who says God and the bible first, we are already misunderstood and the minority in this country, at least the parts of it I see. However, as countries go, let me tell you I would much rather be in this one, than any other one that I can think of on the face of this earth today that is for sure.

    But remember, even when God himself, set apart the nation of Israel and gave them their own place, they could not keep the covenants of God, so for HIS purposes, this is the way it goes. Now e have salvation in Jesus which is an individual choice and not a country choice for sure.

    Obama believes in collective salvation which is not correct, God deals with individuals, and I am know that the muslims think God is directing them as well. So again I say, it is an individual choice, and we must stand against anything that comes that makes us deny our faith in Jesus Christ.


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