Hollywood and the Antichrist

 Comment by Wickus:

It is interesting how Hollywood is preparing the masses to accept the antichrist. I have just watched Iron Man 2 and the resemblance between him and the coming antichrist is astonishing.

First he is the man that brings peace to the world. He is the man portrayed in the movie that brings peace in the Middle East and between the east and west.

His inventions seems like miracles, like making fire come from the sky. Who can make war against him?

He claims himself the man the world can not survive without, their protector. But then the end of the movie comes…

The movie ends with one of the most satanic songs I have ever heard: Highway to hell by AC/DC.

Well yes, the world will follow the antichrist. Many will see him as the only hope for a lost world.

But they will all be on a highway to hell.

Interesting what the Lord can show us from a movie.

Disclaimer: With this post Unsealed Prophecy are not endorsing the watching of Hollywood filth to learn the ways of the Lord. The only way still is trough the reading of the Bible and prayer. 8)


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