Greece Debt Crisis Long-term Solution E.U. Unification Under One Leader?

Economics / Euro-ZoneJun 25, 2011 – 03:11 PM

By: James_Loong

Long term solution: EU Unification under one leader?

Make no mistake: If Greece defaults, the story of EU is over! To prevent this from happening, many politicians specializing in financial and economic affairs recommend bringing about the political union of Europe as quickly as possible, a union with a strong central government. They argue that if the nations in the euro zone formed a closer union, they could coordinate their financial systems more effectively, thus providing the common currency with a political foundation.

Comment by Adamantine:

Thanks to James 1:12 over at FP for the link. These people of course do not know what the real odds of this may be but it is sure that this is one possibility and I would agree almost a necessity to prevent the unraveling  of 60 plus years of integration work by European leaders.

Ten,twenty,thirty and forty years ago discussion of one leader of Europe would have been considered delusional.

4 thoughts on “Greece Debt Crisis Long-term Solution E.U. Unification Under One Leader?

  1. I think the three uprooted are likely to be multifaceted. They will object to a loss of economic sovereignty, political sovereignty and military sovereignty yet the foundation laid by the beast will overrule them, with force if necessary.


  2. I certainly believe that the uprooting could be economic – Greece could also very well be one of the three. But if this is true….we still have the acronym PIIGS – which is Portugal; Italy; Ireland; Greece; and Spain. These aforementioned countries are all in economic chaos, and they are more than three (3). Not to mention, to my understanding, Ireland is not a part of the WEU. So do we still have a match with the other countries that remain – which is four (4)? I really don’t know at this point.

    I must say however, that when I view the Scriptures concerning the “uprooting” or “subduing” of the three (3) – it just appears to be; in my opinion, that it will be a take over, or a “forced action” – and that by way of enacting some sort of War Powers, or Military Control.

    I think that the 3 will have to be “subdued” or “uprooted” in order to carry out some future war-like mission.

    Just observing……


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