( Europe) A political body, the likes of which we have never seen in all of history – not a state, not a federation, not an empire.

The current state of Atlantic Relations: Part II of II


A European security force along these lines will turn Europe into a political body, the likes of which we have never seen in all of history – not a state, not a federation, not an empire.

What will it be? No one knows. But of one fact we can be sure. It will be the greatest and most ambitious project of our time.

What a pity if the United States would exclude itself from this great cause! Unfortunately we are on the verge of doing so.

If Europe has room for national armies and two national nuclear forces, it has ample room for an EU military command.

And recognizing the EU is one thing; engaging it is quite another.

Any country that attempts a dialogue with this strange, many-headed creature is confused by the extraordinary complexity of its body.

If the European states and the United States are serious about a joint approach, they must find a forum which goes beyond the EU and beyond NATO. They must form an institution composed only of France, Germany, Great Britain – the EU3 – and the United States. Even within the EU it is the EU3 who agree beforehand on a joint approach, and following agreement they concentrate on convincing the other member states. If the EU3 and the United States can form a permanent institution it is bound to have a dominating influence on both the EU and NATO.

a long awaited spark which, with proper leadership, will bring about an Atlantic Alliance, reunited and renewed.

Comment by Adamantine:

I took very little liberty in choosing which lines to quote from in this article.

Any half awake student of the Bible should be able to see some possible corollaries to the book of Daniel.

In addition the first comment by some reader of the Washington Times was quite knowledgeable about the EU military.

I suggest that the European Military is quite capable and it simply needs a military genius  who knows where all of the missiles are kept and it will be able to win battle worthy of Alexander the Great. The AC candidate we watch was at the center of the European military for fifteen years. He knows where the missiles and the bullets are.


Thomasriccardo 2 days ago

What’s with all the BS?
Europe overall Spends close to 400 billion yearly on Defence and is upgrading it’s militaries.
Eurofighters, Raphaels, Mirages,JSF,a400m transports,Grippens,type 124 frigates, type 125 frigates,Horizone Frigates, Fremme Frigates, Mistral light carriers, Juan Carlos Light Carrier, Queen Elizabeth Super Carriers,Scorpian Subs, astute subs, Fuel Cell Subs,Gallileo Navigational system,New Command Ships,Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles, New Troop Carrier Ships, etc…and the fact Europe is Nuclear Armed along with having millions of people in Uniform indicates every article I read or almost all is just plainly full of BS. Who can honestly attack Europe and Defeat them? Russia? No Russia has less then 1/3rd the EU population, much smaller Industrial base and much less wealth at the present time. Europe was cut in two during the Cold War and so it was not in the position it has now. They Reunited and that is History. The EU+plus Candidate Countries such as Turkey, the Swiss,etc have a Population of around 600 million or so(twice the USA’s and 4 times Russia’s) It is the largest Exporter and Investor in the World(45% of all FDI Worldwide), over 34 million factory jobs compared to 11 million in the USA and this is the Current EU countries.
Turkey also has a large military and is part of Nato.

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