Recognize Palestine – Alongside Israel

Recognize Palestine – Alongside Israel


The first, preferred option, would be for France and the United Kingdom, after extensive consultations with their EU partners and Catherine Ashton, to sponsor a Security Council resolution which would acknowledge the objective of creating a viable Palestinian state living alongside a secure state of Israel. The resolution would basically transcribe the Obama parameters (including the 1967 borders with agreed land swaps, the rejection of violence and the mutual recognition), as a basis for negotiation, and would call on the two parties to return to the table as soon as possible. All Security Council members could vote in favour of such a resolution, and the United States could at least abstain – to avoid a worst outcome at the General Assembly. The Palestinians would get a serious international acknowledgement of their objective rather than a purely declaratory resolution at the General Assembly.


Comment by Adamantine:

This is from the Brooking Institute where JS also has a seat.


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