Going After other Gods


What would Jesus think? Churches now promote Islam

‘Spiritual treason’ seen as ‘something hostile to Jesus Christ himself’

Comment by Adamantine:

God has been honest with us on this. He is a jealous God and this will not pass unnoticed. Apostasy and worshiping other gods all the while pretending to worship Jehovah is beyond belief.

God has stayed judgment despite years of abortion and homosexuality,pride and lies, lack of mercy, racism, stealing from the poor, dishonoring parents, divorce,fornication and pornography. The list is longer but who needs to hear it?

He does not over look this. I am angered by this. I am not angered by Muslims worshiping a false god but for someone to claim to be Christian and then worship Allah sets me on edge.

From the article:

“The Gospel has been changed from repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name to God wants to make the world a better place, get involved with where He’s working and bring about His dream,” Silva added.

I intensely dislike Bill Clinton,George Bush and Barak Obama for their lack of understanding of the first commandment. They have all attended Islamic worship events and yet they still claimed to be Christians.

Allah’ and ‘Yahweh’ are not the same God.



6 thoughts on “Going After other Gods

  1. as bad as these topics are in the many posts of late still i’m glad you don’t skirt them. be angry and sin not. eph 4:26 so much to be angry at-just saw the post above this one too-yet we can trust that the Lord will have vengeance upon this horrible world of sin. the Lord is not mocked and He is about to unleash heaven’s fury upon this mad mad mad world. if it’s this bad now what will it be when God removes His church? you shudder to think—but—praise God for our rescue by that righteous Blood of the Savior’s cross from what is soon coming down. Jesus is truly our real and only hope and it makes me thankful that He called my name and gave me faith in Him to be saved. thanks for posting.


  2. Thanks,brothers and sisters, for your work here.

    I just want you to remember that, all Christian believers in the Arab world worship God as Allah. God is Allah in the Arabic Bible.

    Therefore, we do our Arab brothers and sisters grave inhustice by the sweeping statement that “‘Allah’ and ‘Yahweh’ are not the same God”.
    That would be like saying that ‘Yahveh’ and ‘God’ are not the same

    Now, on the other hand, what you could – and indeed should – say, is that the god of the Qur’an is NOT the same as the God of the Bible. Yes, they do refer to the Creator of all things, and the ‘God of Abraham’, but Islam is, as we all know, preaching ‘another Christ’ and ‘another gospel’.

    (Just like New Age, and, sadly, many churches preach another Jesus…)

    (For that matter – would we then, due to this false presentation of Jesus make the equally sweeping statement that ‘Jesus’ is not the same as ‘God’? – Just provoking.)

    In America there seems to be a lot of focus on targeting in on Islam as the greatest evil.
    Be that as it may. My concern is, that in all of this ‘Allah is not God’ – we actually make it unnecessarily hard to reach the very people that the Lord sent our way (since we didn’t go to them). When Jesus met people, and even Paul, we can see examples of how they start whith what is known, and then go on from there to explain/ reveal who God is.

    I beg of you – this sweeping statement is not helpful to the furthering of the gospel!
    Don’t most people have a skewed understanding of ‘God’? It’s the Word of God, whith the Holy Spirit’s help, that opens people’s eyes – yes, even the eyes of muslims – as they read, in much the same manner that Martin Luther once did.

    A long comment, but in short:
    I beg of you not to forget our dear, Arab brotehrs and sisters, who often pay a higher price than any of us, to stand up for their faith in Yesu’a – (here we go) – Son of Allah.

    sincerely, Angela


  3. Comment by Adamantine:
    The nuances of language may as you say have some people using the term Allah for the true God of Abraham ,Jacob and Isaac.
    In the USA however the purpose of making any connection between the two names is to confuse the Christian into thinking the god of the Koran and the God of the Bible are the same. They are not. If I speak to the usual US audience I need not make the distinction you refer to. I agree that I need to be careful to make the distinction clear but so too should the believers of the middle east. It is being used to confuse people purposefully by some. When the USA put “In God we trust” on coins they meant the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and did not mean Allah. Some today could loosely and correctly say it means any god. Knowing the history and context is important. I agree with your point and will have to be more clear. The Christians of the middle east need to find a new name for God also instead of Allah. It confuses the issue no matter which continent you stand upon.


  4. Thanks Adamantine, for your reply.

    I do realize the need to emphasize the difference between the god of the Qur’an and the God of the Bible. It is a language issue, as well as a definition issue.

    Yet, I am grateful, on behalf of all our believing, Arabic speaking brethren in the Middle East,(and outside of it), that there be sensitivity and recognition of the fact that the name of God in the Arabic Bible is Allah.

    To suggest, as you say, that “the Christians of the Middle East need to find a new name for God also instead of Allah”, is a slap in the face to most, I should think.

    Although, you should know, that the name issue has been under some dabate – mainly by missionaries. Arab believers themselves know who they are talking about.
    (I mean, it all happened in their neck of the world. ; )

    I believe God would not allow for something as important as His name to be wrong – in any language. And, believe me, He answers prayers to Allah the Father in the name of Yesu’a.

    “No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared [him].” John 1:18

    sincerely, in Christ,


  5. Comment by Adamantine:
    This is an issue I have not yet completely resolved for myself.
    There was a time when people knew Occident meant the west and Orient the east. I am informed that some now think the term oriental to be derogatory. It was never so in my neck of the woods and so I am not so sure I must abandon the term. I know someone who adopted a child from China and informed me of the supposed derogatory nature of the term Oriental. It is similar to some actually censoring the term niggardly as if it were racist.


  6. You don’t say?.
    It seems like a lot of good concepts get hijacked, emptied, and refilled whith bogus.

    Christ’s name is used in so many ways it should not; the rainbow isn’t used so much to stand for God’s promises; and the murder of the helpless is given a new, shining glossary coat…

    I apprecciate your work a lot. it reaches people far outside of the States.


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