God will not hold the Killer Guiltless

Comment by Adamantine:

I was recently asked to donate to a campaign to place a bill board. They can be quite expensive. I have seen these around for many years. I think the Christian Church is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the people worldwide. I think it is because the church has opted for a sensible discrete and polite dialogue when in fact the unvarnished truth needs to be spoken sometimes.

I think the billboard needs to say:


Abortion–Thou shalt not Kill

God will not hold the killer guiltless.


One thought on “God will not hold the Killer Guiltless

  1. Comment by Adamantine:
    I just read HisOwns comments on “Judge orders Billboard” and will now go read the message from Wickus.
    Beyond that I think the church has tried to be so loving to the sinner that something is being lost about the full evil of the sin.
    I am a sinner. I will only confess a past sin on the internet.
    I used to smoke. I would not have expected people to only have said to me:
    ” We support fresh air for all” “Fresh air is God’s best” “God made fresh air for the best Life” “Fresh air is needed from birth on”

    They also needed to say “smoking is going to kill you and on the way make you wrinkled,smelly and impotent.”


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