The Spiritual Aspects of all of this in World Politics

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June 24, 2011

of all the talking heads over the pond-it is his face and his (JS) voice that keeps getting more and more spotlight. (or is it just me?) his eu baby is progressing nicely under his fatherly hand. he’s right there for every burp and certainly attends every detail for his little monster…this thing is getting huge.

Reply by Adamantine:
I do not think it is just you observing this.
JS has been involved with the emergence of the EU in all of its phases since the 1980′s probably to the maximum possible for one living human being who can only be at one place at a time.
I was discussing this with someone who recently said Europe was ready but needed an energetic leader like Alexander the Great. I commented that there was one. In these cases others are simply unaware of the magnitude of the contribution JS has made. Europe’s leaders are aware to the extent that he has received the Charlemagne Award and Charles the V award and many others. How many in the US are aware that JS received a US defense award in 1999 for the success in expanding NATO and serving as Secretary General of NATO during the days of Kosovo? Close to zero. And yet the words spoken of him at that time by Secretary of Defense Cohen were laudatory to extreme.
There is no other European of his stature and no other person in history who has appeared to fulfill the current basics of prophecy as most understand it.
Our problem is that prophecy is arcane almost to the point of ridiculousness. In addition the career of JS has remained so well obscured at least to the common man that it becomes almost a question of intent and conspiracy. It seems to me that only a spiritual conspiracy could carry this off and yet how can one prove let alone broach that topic with most people.

I currently fluctuate quite a bit saying this is all so hidden and yet suspicious and then later find myself wondering how could fulfillment ever be so hidden and correct. If this turns out correct it will truly mean there is subterfuge here of the first order in the battle for men’ souls. It makes me wonder if Satan is allowed any means possible to rise to world leadership as long as it fulfills prophecy to the letter. Every T crossed and I dotted but in any sequence,order of magnitude, repetition, or mirror image as long as all is dotted and crossed. I would not dare to surmise as we all do except that there are others here to help determine the limits to which logic and observation may take us.

I place these comments from others and myself over the last few days because it brings up some issues for which other may have insight. I doubt we can prove the correct answer but here are a few of the questions.

We start by ASSUMING that what we discuss and see is truly prophetic. It is our “Given”, it remains only an assumption held by each of us to varying degrees of certainty.

1) Are the events as they are occurring obscure simply because that may be the way of life events OR is there a probably effort by someone to keep the events obscure?

2) Are the events as they are occurring rather obscure simply because the truth of our theories have become tenuous and  faint.

3) If there is a purposeful hiding of these things is it by spiritual forces? And if so who is initiating it?

a) God

b) Satan

c) JS

d) JS and a host of minions with varying degrees of understanding where this may be going?

4) How much of prophecy must Satan know and understand and does this allow him to obtain power but he may only do so if he takes paths that will fulfill prophecy. Does he then chose obscure ways and means?

5) If 4 is true then is it God who has allowed it to be obscure even as so many other prophecies were “obscure”. Are these things only obscure to those who are nonbelievers or believers but so luke warm that they carry no interest?

Do we then assume we have a spirituality at least on some level that the sleeping church does not have?

Or rather are we simply the lunatic fringe that finds comfort in escapist theories and a hope we will no longer have to deal with a difficult world?  (There are enough of those types of people outside of Christianity that we are not needed to provide such a venue for escapist thought.)


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