The new JS Spanish Security Strategy, now approved by the Council of Ministers, aware of the threats of the XXI century

Military missions attract international terrorism
The document, which on Friday approved by the Council of Ministers, said that Spain may be affected by conflict-related threats against our national or transnational territory, citizens, interests or values. And it highlights the geographical location of Ceuta and Melilla, the destabilization of the Maghreb, the Spanish interests in the Gulf of Guinea, where piracy could emerge, or the attack on domestic firms abroad.

Comment by Adamantine:

JS is active


4 thoughts on “The new JS Spanish Security Strategy, now approved by the Council of Ministers, aware of the threats of the XXI century

  1. of all the talking heads over the pond-it is his face and his voice that keeps getting more and more spotlight. (or is it just me?) his eu baby is progressing nicely under his fatherly hand. he’s right there for every burp and certainly attends every detail for his little monster…this thing is getting huge.


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    I do not think it is just you observing this.
    JS has been involved with the emergence of the EU in all of its phases since the 1980’s probably to the maximum possible for one living human being who can only be at one place at a time.
    I was discussing this with someone who recently said Europe was ready but needed an energetic leader like Alexander the Great. I commented that there was one. In these cases others are simply unaware of the magnitude of the contribution JS has made. Europe’s leaders are aware to the extent that he has received the Charlemagne Award and Charles the V award and many others. How many in the US are aware that JS received a US defense award in 1999 for the success in expanding NATO and serving as Secretary General of NATO during the days of Kosovo? Close to zero. And yet the words spoken of him at that time by Secretary of Defense Cohen were laudatory to extreme.
    There is no other European of his stature and no other person in history who has appeared to fulfill the current basics of prophecy as most understand it.
    Our problem is that prophecy is arcane almost to the point of ridiculousness. In addition the career of JS has remained so well obscured at least to the common man that it becomes almost a question of intent and conspiracy. It seems to me that only a spiritual conspiracy could carry this off and yet how can one prove let alone broach that topic with most people.


  3. i think it won’t be too long that america will become acquainted with mr. solana. he certainly has angelina jolie’s attention and many other celebs who are playing fast and loose in the political realm. and as you pointed out many in top leadership in this nation about swoon over solana. chuck hager, wesley clark, etc.also for examples. as celebrity obsessed as america is there will perhaps be an occasion soon to get him schmoozed into the hearts and minds of our country. since america is not truly facing reality today-so prevalent and deception running rampant-maybe it will be through the realm of entertainment’s loud presence that people here will begin to take notice of him. america-in my opinion-is treating prophecy like a joke-and has for a long tme. (suppose that is the way they treated noah!?!) america won’t listen to the bible but celebrity types have many ears to hear them. only a move of God’s Holy Spirit to open ears to hear the message of repentance and faith and even more drastic events (?) happening to our nation will get the Bible heard above the noise of the devil’s herd. it’s looking more and more like sheep headed for slaughter….


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