JS, ‘ Claiming the policy.Twenty years of International Politics’


Lluís Bassets (Barcelona, ​​1950) graduated in Philosophy and Journalism at the universities of Barcelona and Autonomous University of Barcelona. Deputy Director of the newspaper El Pais and responsible for the editorial and opinion pages, writes two weekly columns and a daily blog on issues of international politics. Has been a correspondent in Brussels and Paris. He wrote the essay ‘ The Goose of Mr. Bush. How the neocons have destroyed the world order from the White House ‘ (Ediciones Peninsula, 2008). He has written, with Javier Solana, ‘ Claiming the policy.Twenty years of International Politics’ (Debate, 2010) and recently published co-authored with Felipe Gonzalez and Miquel Roca’s book ‘ Still we can understand? Conversations about Catalonia, Spain and Europe in the global world ‘ (Planeta, 2011).

Comment by Adamantine:

This is not news to us but a reminder to visit the library. It is also a heads up to know that JS is well connected to the editorial writer of El Pais


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