Food Difficulties Ahead?

Comment by Adamantine:

This I also found to be excellent and I think fairly accurate. I did see a  recent  article stating a new strain of wheat may be soon available which is Ug 99 resistant and increases production 15 %.

I believe it wise to have a years worth of food on store. The Mormons are correct on this.


3 thoughts on “Food Difficulties Ahead?

  1. Not possible for me to store anything. I only have a 2 room apartment. The Lord will provide if He wants me here for the tribulation to be a witness to his authority and power.

    Things are heating up now and we will have to stand on the word of God. Whether we live or we die, we will be with the Lord.

    Blessings to you all,


  2. Comment by Adamantine:
    I do believe God will provide as His wisdom and promises ensure.
    That said one year of dried food can fit under a bed. I am never sure of what anyone else should ultimately do but as a general principle think this is wise.
    We all have an individual walk with God and may ask in prayer about these things.
    God Bless you too.


  3. I can tell you Adamantine, that God laid on my heart in 2007 to be prepared with food. I thought for sure because of the timing it was for dealing with the tribulation. However in 2008 and some of 2009, we had almost exactly one year with my husband out of work. I am sure glad for my sake and my 3 children’s sake we were obedient in food prep. We had enough food to live on comfortably with very little income for the year. The income we did have was able to go towards heat and mortgage and we still had enough left over for our schooling supplies. I am still an advocate of preparing, even if it’s not for the tribulation. You never know when unemployment will hit.


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