Quote of the day – 23 June 2011

“Mercy is not something God HAS but something that God IS.”

AW Tozer


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day – 23 June 2011

  1. Comment by Adamantine:
    I like to Tozer .
    I do not like this quote however. It is kind of an annoying take off of the fact that God is Love. In one sense since EVERY good character trait has its perfection in God we could say God is justice or God is forgiveness but to me it becomes trite.
    Sorry if this offends anyone but that is how on first blush I feel about this comment by Tozer. I may have to rescind this if someone has a scathing rebuttal. 8) Keep the quotes coming however


  2. Christ Jesus hanging on that cross-His body there as the Lamb slain for the sin of mankind against Holy God-is Mercy. the very embodiment of how Mercy looks and is and has to give. we have no real way to understand how much Mercy it took to purchase our forgiveness. only Jesus could be Mercy as He fulfilled the Law we broke. when we enter heaven and see the Lamb of revelation 5:6 with the title deed to the earth in His hand we will finally see how unspeakable His Mercy is because we will be looking upon Him who is our Mercy. too beautiful for words…………………………..


  3. Before I posted this quote I thought along the same line as you. The “God is love”quote has been taken out of context so much that it is becoming a stumbling block for well meaning Christians like me and you. But then again Christians rooted in the Word knows that because God is love and He is also just, the love part of Him will not overrule the just part to not send unrepentant sinners to hell. He is perfect in all His ways. Our finite minds can just not grasp it. And the unrepentant heart is just to happy to sooth himself with the words “God is love”.

    Bless you



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