Prophecy Unsealed,Fulfilled and Revealed

I. Introduction

1. The Defence Committee of the European Security and Defence Assembly/Assembly of WEU has been monitoring the evolution of the concept of a Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) for a number of years. It has analysed developments in its reports and made recommendations for the implementation of a clear and effective European defence policy. Since the signing of the Treaty of Nice in December 2000, the Committee has taken a particular interest in the civil and military operations conducted under that policy.
2. In this report, after taking stock of the current situation, your Rapporteurs will endeavour to define realistic ambitions for the CSDP in the years to come and then to submit recommendations for giving the Union the structures and capabilities needed for an autonomous and responsive CSDP.

Comment by Adamantine:

This is one of the last recommendations made by the WEU before it is dissolved in 8 days. They are promoting a coherent , effective military for Europe. They acknowledge the central role of the Political Security Committee and also show that this is now controlled by a representative of the High Representative. In the past this power was under the EU Council in conjunction with the WEU Council as represented by the ten members of the PSC that were also part of the voting full membership of the WEU. We remind ourselves that the powers of the WEU ten were transferred to the EU PSC by Recommendation 666.

The final effect is that the powers of the EU military has been placed under the HRCFSP .

In the past the same arrangement was arrived at by double hatting the HRCFSP as the Secretary General of the WEU.

This is no longer needed and it may be that in this way the powers of the ten have now been fully transferred to the EU. In this sense the ten have possible completed a portion of prophecy. If JS should return to power he would return to the powers he had when double hatted as HRCFSP and Secretary General of the WEU.

Consider that not only have the powers been given to the EU but they are now given to the HRCFSP which means that if JS returns they have been given to the beast person.

Thank you  Abdiel79 for the insight to draw our attention to this link and prophetic possibility. These are the transfers discussed for the last decade and which were initiated by Rec. 666. It is important that we see the culmination of these transfers in the very writings and proposals of the WEU. We may have seen the ten when they were visible. The remaining offices of the WEU are vestigial and even we as a group muster only 46% in favor of recognizing that as a prophetic heir. God’s admonishment to watch closely may have blessed Herb Peters with seeing the rec 666 and our being aware of the full transfer. We need to remind ourselves that while sometimes these events seem so slow in actual fact we are seeing in the administrative dealings of today that which so often in history required battles and conquest. Truly if JS should return to power he will have conquered many with peace and intrigue. The best battles to win are those your opponent never knew were fought.


2 thoughts on “Prophecy Unsealed,Fulfilled and Revealed

  1. I have definitely been keeping an eye on the HR seat of the EU. I was surprised when JS stepped down as he was instrumental in establishing the single most powerful position on the planet.
    From what I can tell, the HR position has rolled all of these together:

    1) E.U. Secretary-General – power to convene the EU Council in emergency; also administers Council Secretariat. July 4, 1999

    2) High Representative for the CFSP – key person for all EU security issues. Oct. 18, 1999.

    3) WEU Secretary-General – headship over what is primarily a military alliance. Nov. 25, 1999.

    4) Recommendation 666 – giving the HR authority to preside over the Political and Security Committee and civilian crisis-management. June 5, 2000.

    5) Operational Director and Chair of the Board of the EU Satellite Center – primary purpose of any nation’s satellite system is always military. July 2001.

    6) Chairman of European Defense Agency Steering Board – Another primarily military organization. July 2004.

    7) If the Constitution was pushed through, also E.U. Minister for Foreign Affairs / Vice President of the European Commission.

    Keep watching the seat.


  2. i don’t watch the enp-enpi theory of herb peters as much now. it has it’s place in my opinion-but may not be but a small part of what to look at. i keep watching that particular seat too. it is such a powerful place to operate from and the psc seems to be at the crux of everything right now especially with such a hapless choice in ms ashton. (on purpose perhaps?) that seat is designed for one person with much delegation power and it is all so splintered right now–but will the right crisis will bring on the “one” who knows the ropes and has the diplomatic pull and experience in crisis-management? (nato-kosovo comes to mind-though a fiasco in my thinking). [the whole palestinian state issue is the “hot potato” that may be what tips that balance and we know how it’s looking for israel and how solana weighs in-putting the bug in the ear of the palestinians about getting so called legitimacy for their own homeland through a un bid]. (he’s like a politician without a “homeland” himself). the eu in it’s governing role is still in it’s formative stages and she “fits” for now as more chiseling goes on–from behind the scenes with that certain retired gentleman going out and about to speak up on all the issues (awarded profusely for such expertise) while not even having an actual official capacity–to make this fat baby a leaner cleaner machine-ready for what it is created to do-really-i mean really-control from a single seat. (maybe mr. solana finally goes “home” and i don’t mean spain). i notice that this document is from the 60th session. (that number-a 6 kicked up x 10). speaking of numbers i wonder what other 7 year plan may be about to hatch-with september coming on-i wonder what kind of deal will be cut with israel. just not sure now at this point if the current 7 year plan is the one or perhaps it’s forerunner…..we’ll see……..


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