And Then There was One

Comment by Adamantine:

Under the current Theory regarding the WEU as the possible ten horns of Daniel if we are to place any credence in such a theory there is now only one man who may complete the cycle.

It was the practice early on in discussing this theory to claim (rather smugly I might add) that no one had been so foolish and pinned the tail on the donkey so to speak  identifying the Antichrist. It was rather stated that the WEU ten nations possibly represented the “seat” of the Antichrist and that while the current occupant appeared highly suspicious we might instead see another come along to fill the position and fulfill the prerequisites of prophecy as understood by the current theory.

The issue appears to be settled in regards to the possibility of others now taking a seat among the ten as the ten. The seat of power so identified disappears next week. While there is a residual,vestigial WEU pension office it hardly seems that someone will appointed to lead the pension office with the credentials to surprise the world. It is in the realm of possibility ( miracles do happen) that the WEU could be revived but I will not be placing any bets in the affirmative. There is now only one man who by current theory has the ability to still fulfill prophecy.

The Antichrist now may arise by uprooting any number of nations from the EU but it should include only three of the effete WEU and when any number of EU nations then give their power to the AC it must include all seven of the remaining erstwhile members of the WEU.

We are unlikely to see another ten nation power base arise in Europe and have a seven year treaty strengthen between Israel and the EU.

It is when one reviews all of the stars  plus the moon that came to make the original constellation of events in the current theory that one is encouraged to think again it may still pan out even though many of the stars are currently obscured by clouds and the moon is in eclipse. In this constellation there can only be one moon which will take center position and we have seen him before.


5 thoughts on “And Then There was One

  1. So can we agree that it’s possible that the Ten Kings from Revelation 17:12 have received authority for “an hour” (I’d love to see someone really dig into the greek of that text to unpack it’s meaning for us) and have acted in one mind to hand their authority over? What better way to conceal in plain sight the fulfillment of a prophecy like this than to disband the organization that has handed over power to the “suspected” beast – if he comes back into power. Which seems to tie very closely to the beast who “was, and is not, and is” mentioned in Revelation 17:8 and 17:11. Since he clearly was the High Representative, is now clearly not the High Representative – and we suspect he may soon be the High Representative. Since we all know the High Representative is the seat of power given authority by the Ten Kings in recommendation 666.


  2. I’m not terribly skilled at this, but I’m going to make a stab at it anyway.

    When I look up the text I find the word “hour” is

    5610 hṓra – properly, an hour; (figuratively) a finite “season”; limited time or opportunity to reach a goal (fulfill a purpose); a divinely pre-set time-period; a limited period to accomplish the Lord’s specific purpose, i.e. “the hour” in which specific characteristics prevail exactly like that for a limited time.

    Which seems to appear about 100 times in the new testament, and is often translated “hour” but also translated as a short time, a time, or a while. I can’t realy say for certain but it appears to me that the leaders of the WEU were at one point given “authority as kings” – since only kings have the authority to wage war, which was the whole point of the WEU and the Modified Brussels Treaty.



  3. Well, your post prompted me to look up the history of “hours”. It appears that the Egyptians came up with the original idea of a 24 hour day, but each hour was not of fixed length. It was the Greeks who came up with the theoretical hours all being the same length based on the equinoxes. However, it was not common practice to keep hours all equal until mechanical clocks were invented in the 13th century. That makes me think that this passage is speaking of a figurative rather than literal hour.

    Someone may want to correct me, but I remember looking up years ago, that the actual heads of state were the members of the WEU, but they sent representatives to the meetings as most of the heads of state were to busy to attend. It only made sense to me at the time that the WEU had to be kings or like kings, otherwise they didn’t really fit the criteria of the 10 toes of the statue in Daniel. However, it’s been years since I looked it all up, I may be mistaken.

    As for who can wage war, I think Nations may wage war, but not necessarily does it have to be kings or heads of state. Isn’t the US congress the authority in declaring war for the USA?


  4. Thank you sewfancy for looking at the ideas in my post and expounding upon them. When I think of someone given the authority like a King I try to look at that from the perspective of a first century man on Patmos. Given the vision and words he was by God, I think the only way he could have expressed the granting of emergency military powers – is the authority like a king, and the ability to wage war. Both ideas I see present in the WEU, Brussels treaty, and especially Rec 666.


  5. One thing I can say for sure, is this: I really wanted this to be the time as I long for Jesus to return. And this made so much sense in the actual facts on the ground. Will still keep watching and praying that is for sure. Thanks to all


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