Unsealed Prophecy?

Abdiel79, on June 19, 2011 at 10:04 pm said:
 Not sure if anyone read my post under “The Theories” on this topic… I do not see the role of the WEU as prophetically significant anymore. They have handed their authority over to the Centre and EUSIS, which is under the authority of the HR. If you look on page 27 of the WEU document “The CDSP: The Next Steps” there is an organization chart, http://www.assembly-weu.org/en/2100.pdf. The Centre and EUSIS are intelligence based operations. For any military, this is an integral part of being able to execute any type of operation. The WEU proposed that an inter-parliamentary board be setup from all 27 member nations, though only the 10 nations will continue to finance it. However, It seems the 10 nations are currently financing only the administrative duties of the former WEU i.e. pensions, etc.

On page 14 the WEU states, “A substantial effort is required in order to give momentum back to the CSDP following the failure to make use of its instruments during the revolutionary events in Northern Africa and in Libya in particular”. This is from: “European foreign, security and defence policy: past achievements and new challenges – reply to the annual report of the Council” http://www.assembly-weu.org/en/2098.pdf

As I see it, the HR position just received that last needed branch, in order to carry out a successful campaign…Sudan/Israel? The HR position now has the capabilities; it just needs someone to be able to successfully lead it. I believe this has fulfilled prophecy, and the WEU/10 nations are no longer needed. If anyone can point to a verse or passage that would say otherwise, please let me know…



6 thoughts on “Unsealed Prophecy?

  1. Update on Sudan…

    “The Council is likely to state its agreement to following a comprehensive EU approach to Sudan and, from 9 July 2011, to South Sudan, focusing on support for: the development and peaceful coexistence of the two states; efforts to reach a peace settlement for Darfur; poverty reduction; respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law; and the UN-led co-ordination of international support to South Sudan. It is also ready to support stability in the north-south border area using the Instrument for Stability.”


    The Instrument for Stability works under the EEAS, but officially falls under the EU Commission. Could this be an effort to give back momentum to the CDSP?




  2. Adamantine,

    I’m certainly glad you have brought this topic to the forefront. Abdiel79 you bring up an interesting topic for discussion – it should provoke thoughts to those of us who have considered what is going on with the WEU.

    I must say that I respectfully disagree with your assessment in that you say that you believe that the WEU has fulfilled it’s role.

    If you fully believe that the 10 Nations that have come from the EU in the name of the WEU; and the man that arose to power after these 10 Nations were established – or “little horn”, is the fulfillment of prophecy – then you may have left out a few important facts.

    The most important fact is what is plainly stated in Revelation 17:12-13:

    12) “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13) These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.”

    In your post you have asked that Scripture be provided….well here you go, with an explanation:

    You see, if the WEU is the prophesised 10 Kings, or Nations, then their mission cannot possibly be done, this is further verified by Revelation 17:12-13. If we consider that the 10 WEU Nations are the 10 Kings, then even if they have dissolved – then at some point they must have a role in assisting the future Antichrist in his quest for World Domination. They will have “one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast”.

    This is indicative in what is going on with the WEU, and the EU even as we communicate. The EU has Catherine Ashton – who is weak. The WEU had a man who arose to power after it was finally established as a 10 Nation Confederacy – by way of Article 666 of the WEU; and as Scripture states: “he must remain hidden”. Well, the same may be true in what I believe is the “Beast System” in the EU as a whole – or 4th and FINAL Empire that shall devour the whole Earth. This is the Beast from the Sea – (in my humble opinion) or 1st Beast that is mentioned in Revelation 13. Things are being put into place by Satan himself within this system, and people like Obama, and Ashton, and even Abbas are being used to carryout this Satanic End Time mission. At this point, we can’t afford to just completely rule out what is plainly given to us – in that the EU Empire could be the 1st Beast that the Book of Revelation is speaking about.

    Most won’t – or simply refuse to rule out the fact that the 1st Beast of the Sea, mentioned in Revelation 13 is specifically talking about a “Beast Empire” and not a man. I believe, that Scripture only speaks of ONE dominate person in the Last Days – the other is the Empire that he takes control of.

    I’m certainly not dogmatic about this view – but I do feel very strongly about it, and I feel that most won’t accept it because of traditional teachings that have been put forth. It is a “Beast System” and the man – or “Antichrist” that is spoken of in the first half of Revelation 13.

    Your information about the WEU giving up it’s power to the entities of the EU further prove my point that Revelation 17:12-13 has been, or is about to be fulfilled. If you’ll notice, they still have a heartbeat left in what is being controlled Militarily. I find this very interesting. I find this interesting because “they just won’t die”. And that is like saying, or is a comparison to “Javier Solana just won’t go away”. I expect that sometime in the very near future, they will have a part in deciding what “war act” must be put into place – and this by way of Ashton stepping down, and JS given power to replace her, or continue.

    If Javier Solana comes back to power – then we will have a match. I don’t expect to look for a so-called “False Prophet” or second person at that point. The “Beast man” will then be in control of the “Beast System”.


  3. Scripture:
    12) “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13) These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.”

    Okay, let’s go with this… Let’s say that the first beast is “The Beast Empire” or the EU, and the second beast is the “Antichrist”. Right now the WEU or 10 kings in essence is merging with the EU. So what we have is 10 kings with the Beast.

    So my understanding then is that the HR position is the place of the second beast which will need the authority granted by “The 10” and the EU, or Beast, who are of one mind.


  4. Well, I wish you could actually edit what you write after you post:

    But the 10 kings with the Beast is actually the First Beast of Revelation 13 coming up out of the sea.

    and in fact makes sense, as the Second Beast comes up out of the earth, and in essence gives life to the first beast, because of his leadership.

    The Second Beast is brought up out of the Earth via Revelation 17:12,13 because of a need to bring to life the First Beast coming up out of the sea. Does that make sense?


  5. Mr. Baldy,

    I agree with you that there are to many facts to disregard this theory, that JS may soon rise to power, and Babylon will give herself to the Beast. I agree the current situation with Egypt, Libya, and Sudan seem to support your theory on the Two Beasts, as well as events over the last several years. This may not pan out, and we may need to look for a Club of Rome model, suggested by Loop, under the authority of the HR/JS. Don’t know yet, will see what happens over the next couple months.



  6. Berryblueberry,

    Yes, absolutely, I believe that you are spot on! And if you were to look at Revelation 13:11-18, where it begins to speak of the “False Prophet”; or 2nd Beast from the Earth, you will notice that this lone man – who I believe is the coming Antichrist is the person who is associated with the 1st Beast of the Sea; in that he “exercises ALL the authority of the 1st Beast – which I believe is the EU, or Revived Roman Empire.

    I believe that Scripture calls him the “False Prophet” because of the lying signs, blasphemous words, and the deception that he completes to those who dwell on the Earth. If you’ll also notice he is responsible for causing the Mark of the Beast – which is the number of a man, who’s number is 666.

    Previous Scripture: to include the book of Daniel, and of course even John who wrote the book of Revelation specifically mentions the coming Antichrist – never a so-called second man identified as the “False Prophet”. The term “False Prophet” is introduced in John’s verbiage for the first time in the book of Revelation: Chapter’s 13, 16,19, and 20. I’m not dogmatic about this view, but John seems (in my humble opinion) to be describing the Antichirst; in that he has been given the power of Satan, with the blasphemous words that he speaks, the actions he makes, and the power that he has. An additional note to look at is the term “Antichrist” is not used in the book of Revelation – why is that?

    Well, we know that Javier Solana’s position by way of Article 666 of the WEU – created the position of High Representative; which further described the “person” that the seat identifies.

    Now that the WEU has given it’s authority to the EU, as you have mentioned it all really “makes sense”; and seems to fulfill Revelation 17:12-13 to some degree – in that the WEU still remains viable by way of having the funding, and/or decision making ability to give the coming Antichrist powers to enact war if necessary. The WEU still exists.

    These are just a few things to consider, as we look at how everything is developing.


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