The road of Sodomy runs through New York,0,6376698.column

The road to marriage equality runs through New York

Illinois’ adoption of civil partnerships, for example, has provoked a particularly nasty confrontation with adoption agencies run by Catholic Charities. The agencies want to maintain their longstanding policies of not placing children with same-sex or unmarried couples. Because they receive state funds, however, they’re now subject to the civil partnership measure’s nondiscriminatory provisions.

The issue is now in court, but if it can’t be resolved, Catholic Charities may simply go out of the childcare and adoption business. That’s no small matter because its agencies care for 20% of Illinois’ parentless children. Nationally, Catholic Charities, with 1,700 agencies, is the country’s second-largest provider of social services after the federal government.

Comment by Adamantine:

First off one must congratulate the RCC for its charity work. Other end time issues aside they have done much good in the world in this manner.

Secondly, the “world” wants the Christians charity but does not want its morality.

Thirdly,some are now seeing that Christians have been important providers of charity.

Lastly, Christians are beginning to see that on a number of issues they must withdraw from aligning themselves with sin and cease even charity in some instances. In addition some are seeing that they must be selective in their charity if they are not to end up supporting causes such as abortion and illegal immigration with their indiscriminate charity.


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