The Western European Union Lives On !

Comment by Adamantine:

This is very interesting for several reasons. The first of course is that even the writer of the article says the WEU lives on and uses an exclamation point. One would have expected an article which simply stated matter of factly that the WEU vestigial functions were continued in the Satellite center. The use of the exclamation point would almost make one think the writer was aware of our needs in following the WEU prophetically. More likely from his vantage point the exclamation point is simply his way of  making an otherwise dull technical point of EU/WEU history seem exciting.

This is a bit of a puzzle in that the WEU is now a wee  ghost and wisp of what it was …..or of what it should be  …one would think for it to remain “prophetic”.

I,  however, will accept it as a continuation because should the right leader arise to again take command the prophecies will be fulfilled. Very strange.

Remember, however that in the prophecies of Christ’s first coming some events were fulfilled by very small details. Christ was called out of Egypt having only  lived there for a few years or even less as an escape from Herod.

The fact that the article is entitled “The WEU lives On” with an exclamation point almost seems as though God has given it to us in the manner of a gift to say…Keep watching!

It “feels” like the God I know. IMHO

Only those with eyes to see (eyes of faith) will even consider the possibilities of this article. Certainly as a legal technicality the WEU lives on as the monies provided to run the site will come from the ten full status members of the WEU only. The funds will not be coming from the 27 nations of the EU as a whole or even from the non voting members of the WEU. This truly feels as though God has pulled back the curtain for eyes to see. This means close to nothing for the rest of the world and in the usual case one could have imagined this to have occurred with nary a word ever said allowing us to know that the ten are the retained financiers of the scant remaining WEU functions. In the days prior to computer news searches and notifications we would not have likely been able to see these things. The details of this are not enough to allow us to shout it from the house tops but the FACTS are such that one must say the WEU lives On!

The end times theory we watch may yet prove to be wrong but until the end of 2013 we  still have a seven year treaty and now we see that there remains even a 10 nation WEU. It is pathetic in its appearance before the world. However if it is a portion of Fulfilled prophecy then God requires one to see facts no matter how small and take them at face value. The Western European Union Lives On!

The size and function of it is so small one cannot use it to say to all comers that the WEU is vital and prophetic. Its continued existence however is a lifeline to those who believe it fulfills prophecy.

For those of us who wished to see this resolved without having to wait until 2013 apparently no such luck.

Very bizarre.

Thanks to Nonymouse on FP for this link.

To Wickus: If you know how to set up the polling aspects of this site I would like to ask the following questions:

1) Does the WEU in its new greatly reduced status  fulfill the requirements of prophecy ?

2) Would your mother think it fulfills the requirements of prophecy? 8)



19 thoughts on “The Western European Union Lives On !

  1. Off never ceases to amaze me how a so called closing up western European union could have so much money to keep itself running . Do I really believe those two nations will still be in existence and have the power to do something yes look at the amount of money they’re spending and does it say that the satellite places in Madrid I think that’s Spain. Very interesting thanks guys for this post and yes we should keep watching


  2. it is amazing alright. these things that solana has basically institued continue to morph-not go away. it just does not seem like anyone else can get all this off the ground like he does (the whole global effort). it has been part of his launch and somehow i believe he has a behind the scenes say in these decisions. spain no less…that is interesting to me too. maybe it will be from there that he might “rocket’ to the top……..


  3. i knew it! of course up here in verr-mont we say that about pret near ever- thing! as if we know whats goin on, or whats gonna happen. geeze, some guys…. love to all-n- blessings…tony in vt.


  4. Not sure if anyone read my post under “The Theories” on this topic… I do not see the role of the WEU as prophetically significant anymore. They have handed their authority over to the Centre and EUSIS, which is under the authority of the HR. If you look on page 27 of the WEU document “The CDSP: The Next Steps” there is an organization chart, The Centre and EUSIS are intelligence based operations. For any military, this is an integral part of being able to execute any type of operation. The WEU proposed that an inter-parliamentary board be setup from all 27 member nations, though only the 10 nations will continue to finance it. However, It seems the 10 nations are currently financing only the administrative duties of the former WEU i.e. pensions, etc.
    On page 14 the WEU states, “A substantial effort is required in order to give momentum back to the CSDP following the failure to make use of its instruments during the revolutionary events in Northern Africa and in Libya in particular”. This is from: “European foreign, security and defence policy: past achievements and new challenges – reply to the annual report of the Council”

    As I see it, the HR position just received that last needed branch, in order to carry out a successful campaign…Sudan/Israel? The HR position now has the capabilities; it just needs someone to be able to successfully lead it. I believe this has fulfilled prophecy, and the WEU/10 nations are no longer needed. If anyone can point to a verse or passage that would say otherwise, please let me know…



  5. Comment by Adamantine:
    I agree that as an “on the ground” fact the power has been transferred to the EU.
    As a prophetic matter it is POSSIBLY important to know that the WEU still exists so that when (IF) three nations are uprooted there are actually still these WEU nations to be uprooted. From this article we can see that 10 nations come together to pay a staff which therefor has to answer to someone and they of necessity then answer to the ten nations of the WEU…the 10 nation WEU.


  6. Abdiel79 you wrote:

    “Not sure if anyone read my post under “The Theories” on this topic… I do not see the role of the WEU as prophetically significant anymore. They have handed their authority over to the Centre and EUSIS, which is under the authority of the HR.”

    In my very humble opinion the WEU has done exactly what Scripture has said that it would do. The WEU STILL remains prophetically significant!

    Yes, thy have handed their authority over to “Centre and EUSIS, which is under the authority of the High Representative”. This fulfills Revelation 17:12-13.

    REVELATION 17:12-13 reads:

    12) “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13) These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast.”

    I am suggesting that the 1st Beast of the Sea, mentioned in Revelation 13 is not the Antichrist; but the Revived Roman Empire or the EU itself. The 2nd Beast from the Earth is the coming Antichrist.

    Isn’t it amazing that the WEU has now handed over it’s authority. which falls under the control of the High Representative? I ask, is this a coincidence? The WEU still remains prophetically significant because they will be funding the Military Operations – this could mean that 3 of the 10 Nations will have to be subdued in order for the coming Antichrist to carry out his WAR intentions, as 3 of the 10 may reject is efforts in his conquest.


  7. And could the 3 be Portugal, Greece and Spain whose economies is at the edge of collapse? A bankrupt country will have a hard time to pay for a war.

    Just thinking out loud…



  8. It really never ceases to amaze me!!!
    You see it happen you read it in scripture and it then makes sense.
    I think it is exactly that Mr. Baldy and great work Abdiel79: and even not what we were expecting at all. Again the road signs are there and keep appearing. I’ll venture to say that people (including some of us watchmen) can’t imagine the full ramifications to this observation.

    I am in Awe…


  9. i’m wondering about bro brian’s idea of the 3 being subdued by the EU BEAST as Egypt Lybia and Sudan[cush],.. before the beast heads on into jerusalem. these three belong to which ten? He’s saying its spelt out in daniel 7 and/or 11??? anyone familiar with any of his viewpt/perspective?


  10. Dan 11:42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.
    Dan 11:43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians [shall be] at his steps.

    These are the verses that Bro Brian quotes. These three are not the same as the 3 kings in the 10 that is being subdued but rather 3 nations that will not escape when the beast marches towards Jerusalem.



  11. That verse gives me shivers though- since those 3, Egypt, Libya and Sudan (Cush) are the most likely to received continue EU intervention that would bring about the anger of the “King of the South” should a leader soon arise among the Islamic nations that would have his mind set on opposing the EU’s influence in those nations. We all know that such a one will be thoroughly crushed by the beast.


  12. Comment by Adamantine:
    I appreciate that others are aware of the possibilities that we discuss here. I currently fluctuate quite a bit saying this is all so hidden and yet suspicious and then later find myself wondering how could fulfillment ever be so hidden and correct. If this turns out correct it will truly mean there is subterfuge here of the first order in the battle for men’ souls. It makes me wonder if Satan is allowed any means possible to rise to world leadership as long as it fulfills prophecy to the letter. Every T crossed and I dotted but in any sequence,order of magnitude, repetition, or mirror image as long as all is dotted and crossed. I would not dare to surmise as we all do except that there are others here to help determine the limits to which logic and observation may take us. Thanks.


  13. Great post Adamantine, would be an interesting starting point for a discussion on free will and sovereignty of God. Definitely something to ponder.



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