J S calls for global institutions to govern the new global reality,Chinese President calls for joint efforts to address world economic challenges


Former minister and former defense official of the European Union, Javier Solana, has warned of the need for institutions of a “global” to govern the current global reality that emerged after the economic globalization.

Solana defends EU and aware of the risk of losing the European feeling


Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona), 17 jun (EFE) .- The former head of Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Javier Solana, today made a defense of the European Union has warned that at the present time of “tension” there is a risk of losing the feeling in Europe.

Regarding the situation in Greece, Solana said that “if America falters politically and elections are called, the markets can make real catastrophes salpicarían *many.”

*splash v.tr. / intr.

1   Jump in the form of liquid droplets, rain splash.
2   Spot or wet with droplets,


ST. PETERSBURG, Russia, June 17 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Hu Jintao said on Friday that China would like to discuss and make joint efforts with other countries to address major world economic challenges.


Chinese president calls for joint efforts to address world economic challenges

Comment by Adamantine:

Both are calling for global cooperation. Surely a world currency and controlled buying and selling system is at least a possibility.

Very strange that a communist Chinese leader speaking in communist Russia should be calling for a system while JS a socialist is also calling for the same. Capitalism outside of government control is under attack.


6 thoughts on “J S calls for global institutions to govern the new global reality,Chinese President calls for joint efforts to address world economic challenges

  1. I had to post this here, because its from a top mind in Christian Theology today – without endorsing the theory we are watching – endorsing the point of view that a pre-wrath rapture is more soundly supported by scripture than a pre-trib point of view. I started reading Dr. Moore’s blog after a pastor and friend of mine (at a church I wish we didn’t live halfway across the country from) posted a link to one of his other entries I found very convicting.

    I would love to sit down and have coffee with this guy and ask him what he thinks about the watching we are doing. I think like my pastor/friend he would say “Good, watch- if it makes you lean in on God and increases your urgency to reach the lost, good. That’s what it should do!”


  2. He said: Regarding the situation in Greece, Solana said that “if America falters politically and elections are called, the markets can make real catastrophes salpicarían *many.”

    Is that a warning? I think it might be. America economy is going to crash again and big time hyperinflation is going to happen.
    It isn’t rocket science to work that out but Solana warning us about it?


  3. I would like to know what he means by “and elections are called” Is he looking for an early election in this country? Hmmm This gets more interesting all the time. This man just seems to always be in the know ahead of time and he also gets his way every time.


  4. i think brenda is right–solana speaks and it is noticeable that he is speaking to global trends in advance as if knowing which way our country is headed. i also believe that obama was put into office-yes elected by an america asleep at the wheel-but was put into place by the powers that be from oversees(with long tentacles reaching some of our corrupted officials through corrupt institutions-man is that list long cfr,etc.) to run this economy aground and creating in the social arena the changes much more in keeping with the global (socialist) agenda that solana and others are busily preparing to present-soon!-to the nations. not to mention what is happening in the political “church ” and it’s sphere of influence. it is the spirit of anti-christ very much shifting into high gear. it is very premeditated and our president is on board with lots of company on both sides of the aisle. there i said it. agree or not-there is much for us to see by way of scriptures view of the world we are living in. look up our redemption draweth nigh…………!


  5. Consider this: Barack Obama toured Europe in the summer of 2008 while he was still campaigning to be our president. He visited with Chanceller Merkel and then made a speech in front of a huge crowd in Berlin. I remember thinking at the time – why is he touring Europe and delivering a speech to the Europeans when he should be touring the US? After all he was campaigning to be OUR president – right? Now we have a visit to our now president Barack Obama from Chanceller Merkel and Javier Solana is now making statements about “if American falters politically and elections are called” what would happen. Pretty big coincidence if you ask me.


  6. Not sure if that has already been posted, but I found this interview with Solana from about a month ago. Primarily its about the American militairy, but there was a section about the economy. This might just be a bad translation, or if anyone here can give a better translation.

    “Here is a much more structural issue that is the deficit. All this will what we are talking about be relatively short. We will return to the fight in the House of representatives and Senate on cómose cuts spending, see Republicans proposals to disrupt the lives of Obama. Today it seems that this is a United Nation, but the ruling class is going to separate within minutes. They will return to fight giving this image so bad in a time of crisis, did not achieve consensus on the most fundamental issues. But this country must find a way out of the crisis. Sonmalos employment data, not just to solidify the growth, the deficit continues to grow and there is still a formula that put according to the two parties to find out where, how and when cut. Criticizes what has happened in Europe, but in these moments we are seeing how low the dollar and the euro rises.”

    From Google translator: http://www.microsofttranslator.com/BV.aspx?ref=IE8Activity&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.lavanguardia.com%2Finternacional%2F20110507%2F54151092484%2Fjavier-solana-hoy-se-sabe-que-obama-esta-al-pie-del-canon.html

    Original Page: http://www.lavanguardia.com/internacional/20110507/54151092484/javier-solana-hoy-se-sabe-que-obama-esta-al-pie-del-canon.html



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