A New Sovereign Euroland and the Coming Economic Earthquake


As we anticipated the crisis favors the emergence of a new sovereign, Euroland,

which now allows the Eurozone to be much better prepared than Japan, the United States or the United Kingdom [9] for the Autumn 2011 shock … even if it ends up, quite reluctantly, playing the role of detonator.

 …. the United States now finds itself under the threat of a downgrade, as we had anticipated, even though it seemed unthinkable to most experts only a few months ago. At the same time, the United Kingdom, France, Japan… also find themselves in the rating agencies’ crosshairs [21].

Remember that these agencies have never forecast anything of importance (neither subprime, nor the global crisis, nor the Greek crisis, nor the Arab Spring, …).

If they downgrade willy nilly today it’s because they have been caught at their own game

one enters the heart of the contagion process that will trigger the US federal debt bomb.

Comment by Adamantine:

We do not wish to see an economic  time bomb go off but we do desire to see the Return of Christ.

In the 1990’s  a Christian financial consultant by the name of Larry Burkett wrote books on the end times. He wrote one called

“The Coming Economic Earth Quake”.

He was many years too early. In one of his books he wrote of the collapse of the debt structure of the US. In his book the US was taken over by Europe in backroom deals which kept the country afloat and avoided a total collapse.

This is one scenario which has at least predictable possibilities. Add the unpredictable such as a California earthquake and the collapse might be complete.

In such a circumstance Israel might lose its historically strong support from the US. Europe might end up running the show. They have shown that they are willing to move forward in ways which are likely to compromise Israel.


One thought on “A New Sovereign Euroland and the Coming Economic Earthquake

  1. I wonder if this “Euroland” reshuffling will have anything to do with the 10 WEU nations and their power or their giving away of power. Don’t know. I suppose we will all find out soon enough, right?

    In other news….

    Just read this article about the “festival of lights” in Israel (not Chanukah). I noticed in two of the pictures (2nd and 3rd) that there is a blood moon in the background. I found that to be interesting, not necessarily important.



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