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International Organizations

  • Almunia, Joaquín. Vice-President, European Commission
  • Daele (Van), Frans. Chief of Staff To The President Of The European Council
  • Kroes, Neelie. Vice President, European Commission, Commissioner for Digital
  • Lamy, Pascal. Director General, World Trade Organization
  • Rompuy (Van), Herman. President, European Council
  • Sheeran, Josette. Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme
  • Solana Madariaga, Javier. President, Center for Global ESADEgeo Economy and Geopolitics
  • Trichet, Jean-Claude. President, European Central Bank
  • Zoellick, Robert B. President, The World Bank Group

Comment by Adamantine:

What does seem very important is that the current leadership of the EU is present.

Javier Solana is also present. Where is Tony Blair? Where are any other of the current AC candidates? It is this ability to adapt to new political situations and reinvent a new career that has kept JS ever more involved in the governance of the world.

Given that the one major theory of the Biblical end times is concerned with Europe as the site of the rise of the AC then this remains a concern and a suspicion.

The window of opportunity for the return to a position of power for Javier Solana would appear to be closing and yet he still has access to the very top leaders in the EU and the world.


4 thoughts on “Bilderberger

  1. The love of money is the root of all evil. Why do men and women want money? Money means power. One day their money will not buy them anything with our God, judgement day is coming.


  2. I love how the “media” masks the reality of these meetings in twisting the results into nothing more then a conspiracy theory at large!

    And now it’s time for H Kissinger to be brought to trial…what a useful distraction!

    Amen.. and yes to where is Blair or Prince Charles to name a few? Maybe their current posts are stationed as air traffic controllers over Libya? (oops!)

    “yet he still has access to the very top leaders in the EU and the world.”

    And he continues to maintain his past title as EU Chief Representative in many up-to-date and current articles of the day.

    scheech….go figure!


  3. The Shadow Govt. (Bilderberg, etc.) have been operating for a long time exacting their sinister and demonicly inspired plots. They are self-serving, selfish, greedy, and most of all delusional!! These tool actually think that they are doing something important with their time, skills and energies…NOT! What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit his very soul!! Amen.

    The elitist intellectuals tickle me.


  4. The Rothchild’s are at the top of the chain and that’s pretty much it then there is the rest. They are the ones who own around 80% of the worlds wealth. What they say goes and its as simple as that.
    The Bilderberg is just a forum for them to implement their global plans and they use all the top people in business and governments hence why they are at the meeting.
    Unfortunately for them is a man of sin and his off-sider (false prophet) will take their system and run it the way they want and the global elite will unfortunately be blinded and will be too late for them by the time they work out what is really going on.
    But then there is the illuminate version where they actually want to bring in their Masonic messiah (Antichrist) so they can have their battle with Jesus at Armageddon thinking they will beat Jesus. There is some that actually believe they will win.
    All people need to do is look at the Babylonian and general satanic symbolism entrenched in all of the global elite ventures and its not hard to work out who they get their power from.


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