Women’s Group Prays on Temple Mount


Women’s Group Prays on Temple Mount

Eighteen women ascended to the Temple Mount last week, in yet another manifestation of the growing Jewish interest and longing for the Temple Mount. The women – from Ofra, Alon Moreh, Kochav HaShachar, Havat Gilad and Jerusalem also said a prayer.

Israel liberated the Temple Mount in the Six Day War but the focus of national and religious interest was the Kotel, where Jews have been used to praying for centuries. With time, however, the idea of returning to the Mount itself and rebuilding the Temple has gathered strength.

Comment by Adamantine:

Sometimes the blindness of the Jews seems miraculous.

It has been miracle that the Jews have been content for so long to play and pray at a broken discarded piece of the old Temple when they could have rebuilt anew the Temple to be a Gem for the nation.


77% of Israelis oppose going back to pre-’67 lines


Poll: 12% of Israeli Jews consider Obama to be pro-Israel

The poll found that large majorities of 85 percent and 75%, respectively, recognized the importance of maintaining a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty within the framework of any final peace deal and opposed transferring the Temple Mount to Palestinian control even if the Western Wall were to remain in Israeli hands.


Comment by Adamantine:

The Jews are starting to awaken to Jerusalem and the Temple.




Netanyahu’s extremist mistake

Before Congress, Netanyahu proclaimed his readiness for “painful compromises.” But by explicitly leaving Jerusalem out of that promise, he laid bare its hollowness.

He threw in with Republicans catering to right-wing Christian Zionists, whose interest in an all-Jewish Jerusalem (and whose crackpot urge to restore the Jewish Temple) lies in bringing about a Christian vindication over Jews and Muslims both.

Comment by Adamantine:

I take it to mean that the crack pot urge to restore the temple by Christians is none other than the urge to see the  Return of Christ.

I am a crackpot then.


3 thoughts on “Women’s Group Prays on Temple Mount

  1. IMHO: The temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. because the antichrist will stand up in the temple and declare himself to be god. This will be the abomination of desolation. Then there will be 3-1/2 years of tyranny with the false prophet implementing the mark of the beast to those who will take it. The rest will die (the real Christians will become martyrs for their fait) or be hidden by God until Jesus comes at the end of the 3-1/2 years). He will call us up to be with Him in the air and then come back down for Armageddon and fight the battle himself.. He doesn’t need any help. Our God reigns.


  2. I have always been and will always be a crackpot, and mad for Jesus, just like the Apostle Paul and the other disciples. We know the truth, and Jesus will return that is for sure. Praise the Name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, and soon returning King.


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