Erdogan wins , Turkey turns from the West back to Islam,0,3651773.story

Few voters discussed Turkey’s longstanding ambition to join the European Union, a reflection of how much the country’s political and economic orientation has shifted toward the eastern lands of the former Ottoman Empire under Erdogan’s reign.

The Islamist-rooted party, riding a wave of support from the pious poor and newly emergent Muslim middle class, handily defeated its opponents to hold a majority of parliamentary seats, setting up a third term for Erdogan, who has been in office since 2003.

If he does what he really wants to do, it will be scary,” said Nilgun Celikbas, a 60-year-old interior designer in the swanky Bebek district of Istanbul who voted against Erdogan.But in the future, I think he will be dangerous.”

The Nations of Ezekiel 38 – 39
Who Will Participate in the Battle?


Gomer (GMR) has often been mistaken to refer to Germany because of a supposed similarity of linguistic construction. This position has two serious errors. One is that the “R” and “M” are reversed. Ezekiel wrote of GMR not GRM. The reversal is unwarranted linguistically. Furthermore, this similarity and inversion is based upon a comparison of Ezekiel’s GMR with a modern English (from Latin) designation for Deutschland. Clearly, the similarity is only superficial. These two errors rule out, absolutely, any possible identification of Gomer with Germany.

However, GMR is well known to the ancient world as Gimarrai (GMR) of north central Asia Minor (Cappadocia). These people are also known as the Cimmerians (KMR, note the change in gutturals from “G” to “C”). This seems to be the simplest, most obvious interpretation.


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