What makes for Biblical Proportions ?


There’s no shelter for those in the property-casualty insurance industry this year, as they face a tidal wave of underwriting losses stemming from a string of catastrophes of Biblical proportions, including earthquakes, Tsunamis, nuclear plant meltdowns, and tornados.


Richelieu Valley: Cleanup of Biblical proportions begins

 Debris from 40 days, 40 nights of floods


Expert Warns Missouri River Could See “Flood of Biblical Proportions”

He foresees a very real threat of “chest-high” water in St. Louis before summer’s end.


An Arab spring should blossom as peace bouquet

June 03, 2011

The 63rd Anniversary of the State of Israel is celebrated against the backdrop of the monumental eruptions of Biblical proportions in the Arab world,

Returning from afar

Over the past year, Israel’s government has been deliberating whether to allow the rest of the community to make aliya. It is expected soon to pass a decision that will enable all the remaining Bnei Menashe to come home to Zion. This is a momentous development and a miracle of biblical proportions, which will help strengthen Israel both spiritually and demographically.

Comment by Adamantine:

Once again I think writers may be overdoing it in the use of Apocalyptic and Biblical proportions imagery. Room to ponder anyway.


One thought on “What makes for Biblical Proportions ?

  1. Just to make you all laugh at my silliness I thought I’d share my morning with you. Today when I got up with my 2 year old at about 5:30, I sat down to check the news on my ipod – no news.. I’m thinking… hmm something broke. I logged into a computer on my network, not internet. So first I think did I pay my bill? Yep, this time I actually remembered, and the next payment isn’t due for a little bit. I log into the cable modem – no signal – the first thing I think – is did something REALLY serious happen while I was sleeping. I call our cable isp – i get through the automated attendant to request an agent- the cell phone cuts out. Now my pulse quickens a little. I’m starting to think through the possibilities – did the solar event take out the cable network? Nah that would take a huge solar event. I’m afraid, but getting more excited thinking this could be the first of many eventful days. Anyway, the dropped call turns out to be nothing more than a dead battery. I use my wife’s cell phone to call the cable isp again, this time I speak to a very apologetic girl on the other end who is dispatching a tech today between 7am and 10am.. I figure – oh well it looks like we’re going to 11:15 service instead of 9 – not the major crisis that in my heart I was secretly hoping would be getting underway, since it means to me that my Lords return is that much nearer.

    So have a giggle at my silliness while you drink your coffee or tea this morning, or have an early supper for those of you on the other side of the globe. I’ll be sitting here hoping the signal on my air card doesn’t drop when I hit post on this.


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