Earthquakes on the Rise ?

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Justasheep, on June 8, 2011 at 4:56 pm said:
I’m still watching the earthquake data.

I still think it’s accurate to say that 2010 has been an extraordinary year for significant seismic activity.

I pull all my data from:
this is a powerful tool that allows users to select very specific activity, depth, magnitude date ranges and see all the events that fall into their select criteria.

When I look at 2010, for recorded events of magnitude 6 or greater, there have been 127 events year to date.

If I annualize that number (# of events/number days passed already)*365 days in the year – I get a projection that there will be about 199 events of magnitude 6 or greater this year assuming the trend holds up. I started doing these projections back in March – and all year the trend has held at projecting between 220 and 200 events for the year.

This is really significant, because if I look at each of the last twenty years of IRIS data, the most ever recorded # of events greater than 6 in one year was 154 in 2007. A typical year over the last twenty has been somewhere around 115-120 events. So I ask, when are we going to admit that an increase of 30% over the previous maximum or almost 70% over the norm is a significant increase in significant earthquakes?

Update for 2011:
By the end of 2010, IRIS recorded 153 magntitude 6+ events worldwide. One fewer than the previous maximum, which ocurred in 2007. Is it a coincidence that the previous year with a lot more earthquake activity was the same that the ENP was signed – I don’t know, perhaps it was.

2011 looks to be another record year for significant seismic activity. As of today, June 8th- there have been 100 magnitude 6+ events recorded worldwide. Remember that the typical year over the last 20 was between 115-120. I don’t think this data should be just ignored, and its not a case of more seismographs around the world (the majority of which have been online prior to 2000). I will go on record as saying earthquakes are definitely increasing – though how much more they will increase before the great earthquake of the Lamb’s wrath to come, I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “Earthquakes on the Rise ?

  1. one thing the scripture says is earthquakes in divers places, now I used ot thiank that meant different or various places, some think it means something else now, but you see in my lifetime I see that we find new faultines all the time, so I think the whole earth is cracking up, due to the decaying process we are told about in Romans


  2. oh by the way, thanks so much justasheep, for keeping such good watch over these things and sharing with us


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