10 Reasons to Pray, Prepare, Ponder


What is eventually going to happen in this country is going to be so nightmarish that most Americans could not even imagine it right now. So are our leaders doing anything to prepare for the coming economic crisis? No, they are too busy with other things. The big political news of the day was U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner finally admitting that he sent out lewd photos of himself over Twitter to women that he was not married to. We have become the laughingstock of the world and the economic collapse has not even happened yet.

Comment by Adamantine:

There is a calm now.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Pray, Prepare, Ponder

  1. What could you expect from a man, Anthony Weiner, who let Bill Clinton marry him? the epitome of disgrace in our White House and now the whole damn world thinks Bill Clinton is some kind of wonderful saint. Gag me


  2. With the type of leadership we have had, not all of them, but a lot, what else could God do but bring judgement. But if we need this all of us included, so that Jesus can come, then so be it. Jesus come soon please


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