Where is America’s Elijah ?

Comment by Adamantine:

I have posted a number of articles which imply that it may be possible that the US and other areas of the world may be under the judgment of God. Theses article were posted in correlation to the rise of the active promotion of homosexuality by US leaders. All sin is forgivable and it would be wrong to imply that the sin of homosexuality is worse than the sins of pride or even lust that I may have to some degree indulged in during my lifetime. The difference is in the bringing the sin to the cross. In addition one is to be a preacher of righteousness and not a preacher of evil.

Obama, Bloomberg, Clinton and too many others to name have become preachers of evil.They are leading the people astray. They have become no better than Jezebel’s and her husband the King Ahab.

Where is the Elijah for the USA? This argues against it being judgment. I would think God would have sent an Elijah by now.



9 thoughts on “Where is America’s Elijah ?

  1. We already have the words of all the prophets recorded in our bible. Why do we need more than that?

    The church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Jesus Christ being the cornerstone.


  2. Good point, but the bible promises at least two more major prophets and we will know it’s the last days when the God pours out his spirit, your sons and daughters shall prophesy, old men shall dream dreams and young men shall have visions (in Joel 2:28 and repeated in Acts 2:17). I read that as a promise from God that he will speak directly to and through people in that (perhaps this) time. Two things I do know though from every other true prophet and from Deuteronomy 18 – those that receive this word from God 1) will be accurate 100% of the time when they claim they are speaking for God (the things they predict will come to pass always) 2) they will not contradict one jot or tittle of scripture.


  3. in revelation, one particular church is told they tolerate jezebel. if there is a spirit of jezebel in the world is there also a spirit of elijah?


  4. it seems to me that glenn beck is carrying a spirit of elijah, drawing families together in the name of God and restoration…hi shelby, tony


  5. @tony tarr – it would appear that way given his desire to point people to God, and his recent interest in the temple. I am somewhat suspicious given that he is deceived by the teachings of the Mormon church, and that he seems to be putting his own face and name out there a lot – which I think true prophet like Elijah would not do. God always gets first billing out of the mouth of a true prophet – although I’m not going to say that God couldn’t or wouldn’t use someone like Glen Beck, I just think we’d see some dramatic change in the man before I’d be willing to consider him as a possible prophet in the spirit of Elijah.

    I would suggest that if someone is to come in the Spirit of Elijah – he would have no pedigree, no past name to recommend him, but that when he emerges he would appear with words from God on his lips, as Elijah did in 1 Kings 17.


  6. i agree for sure
    w/ what you say just a sheep. G.B. does seem to be trying to accomplish something in that same spirit/ not that he’s ELIJAH. watching and waiting, tony in vermont.blessings…


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