Flooding is it more than usual?

Snowmelt, rain worsen flooding in northern Plains


Historic flooding in the Missouri River basin spurred voluntary evacuations in North Dakota on Monday, while in Montana emergency workers ferried food and water to a town cut off by flood waters.

Missouri River flooding threatens western Corn Belt


CHICAGO, June 3 (Reuters) - Flooding along the Missouri River could
wash out cropland in the western Corn Belt that many were hoping would
provide a bumper harvest this fall and mitigate expected shortfalls in the
eastern half of the U.S. Midwest, analysts said Friday.
 The analysts estimated that between 300,000 and 800,000 acres in
traditionally fertile areas of Iowa and Nebraska for corn and soybeans
could be hit by flooding.
 "It is important," said Dan Basse, president of AgResource Co. "We
cannot afford to lose any acres. It is another calamity for the market.

Engorged Lake Champlain wears away at Vermonters

For Hoerr and hundreds of others forced to cope with unprecedented flooding, this is the new normal on Lake Champlain. “It is Lake Champlain water torture

Flooding devastates farmlands, affects communities in northern Utah


Historic flood begins to abate, but far from over

By ADRIAN SAINZ, Associated Press – 18 hours ago

The Mississippi River flood of 2011 may seem like a thing of the past for people who fled rising waters that never came, yet the final toll is shrouded in murky water for thousands of people devastated as the flood made its way from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico.

Thousands of acres (hectares) of crops, timber and catfish farms are still flooded, mostly by tributaries that backed up because the Mississippi River was so high. Hundreds of people are still displaced from flooded homes. Some people had nothing to go home to.

Melting snow a threat to states out West


GRAND COULEE DAM, Wash. — The giant concrete dams of the Pacific Northwest are overflowing with water, and Wyoming has deployed National Guard troops to pile sandbags.

States across the West were bracing Thursday for major flooding expected once a record mountain snowpack starts melting and sends water gushing into rivers, streams and low-lying communities.

Randy Julander, a supervisor with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, said flooding this year could be worse than anyone has seen.

“It’s all just sitting there. … Everyone knows it’s going to come down. It’s just when and how quick that we’re all waiting for,”


Drought? It’s water under the bridge now


A RECORD year of flooding has led to NSW dams, barely 20 per cent full 12 months ago now near or at capacity

Colorado: Record runoff possible in Blue River Basin


SUMMIT COUNTY — The latest snowpack measurements and weather forecasts have prompted Denver Water to warn residents of the Lower Blue Valley, below Dillon Reservoir, to be prepared for flooding flows in the Blue River.

Richelieu Valley: Cleanup of Biblical proportions begins

 Debris from 40 days, 40 nights of floods


MONTREAL – After 40 days and 40 nights of flooding, the waters of Lake Champlain reached a record high Wednesday night and now seem to be receding. Finally. Hopefull

Winnipeg Flooding Near Lake Manitoba


Richelieu flooding and the issue of rebuilding


Montreal Gazette – ‎May 29, 2011‎
MONTREAL – The bleak, wet spring of 2011 has thrown public spirits into a tailspin, but no more so than for those Quebecers who live up and down the Richelieu River, an area experiencing its worst overland flooding in 150 years

The Seattle TimesYakima flooding wipes out homeless camps

Recent flooding has wiped out homeless camps along the Yakima River between Selah and Yakima.


Comment by Adamantine:

It seems to be a year with significant flooding


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