WEU helicopters hit targets in Libya


Two British Apache helicopters attacked a radar installation and a military checkpoint overnight, near the eastern coastal city of Brega, before returning to HMS Ocean, according to a statement from the ministry of defence in London

French helicopters also carried out a mission that began late Friday and continued into Saturday, but there are no details regarding the location.

However, the French military released a statement saying the targets of the Gazelle and Tigre helicopters included 15 military vehicles and five military command buildings.

The French helicopters took off from the helicopter transport ship Tonnerre in the Mediterranean, Col. Thierry Burkhard said.

Comment by Adamantine:

The report could still just as accurately say

Western European Union helicopters hit targets in Libya


3 thoughts on “WEU helicopters hit targets in Libya

  1. WEU? Or is that, “UK helicopters in Libya attacks”

    Or …. “NATO helicopters strike Gadhafi troops in Libya?”

    Oh, no…wait, it’s “UN helicopters WITH NATO together attacking Libya”

    quack quack..! I dislike sarcasm so I apologize ahead of time, but couldn’t resist my trying to understand whose doing all the attacking and even wondering what Catherine Ashton might be doing? Poor lady, she’s already been found guilty of “lagging” over Libya.



  2. What I cannot stand is the half you know the word, but I will say half way effort they put into this junk. Send in the damn navy seals and get rid of Ghadafi if this is what this is all about

    the games that the world plays when doing these things make me sick, either he is a bad guy or he is not which is it?

    makes you think they want all this turmoil going on, which I am sure that they do until the time that the miracle man AC is revealed to fix up everything and everybody.


  3. and I do not think any of these men sitting around in their chairs making plans give a rip about human beings and their lives either


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