A Wolf in sheep’s clothing?

At an award ceremony attended by the President of Portugal, a prize honouring outstanding contributions to European philanthropy was given to Dr. Bassma Kodmani, Executive Director of the Arab Reform Initiative, an organisation supporting democratic reform in the Arab region.

The award aims to underline the important role that the European philanthropic community plays in promoting peace, security and development across the globe.

Finally, the Arab Reform Initiative aims to raise awareness in the Arab world about successful transitions to democracy in other parts of the world, and of the mechanisms and compromises which made such successful transitions possible.

“In the context of the Arab Spring, the organisation that Dr Kodmani leads –    – is now perceived as a key regional institution to support the transition processes and nurture new civil society initiatives,”

The Selection Committee for the Prize was chaired by Mr Javier Solana, former Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union and President of the Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation.

Comment by Adamantine:

What’s not to like? For nearly all observers in the world the ‘Arab Spring” which is occurring now with the help of NATO bombs will lead to a democratic change in the middle east. We  would not be suspicious except that we also study the Bible.

These people are good people in the world’s eyes but they do not know Jesus and there will never be world peace without the Prince of Peace.

In the meantime when we see the same man who has been in the process of building Europe’s influence in the world and now in north Africa as well laud those who are on board for this process we may only sit back and wonder.

Only those who take more than a casual approach to following prophecy theories will be able to understand why some are concerned we may be seeing a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

All we have to see to relieve our concerns is for JS to remain “retired”.

It is somewhat suspicious that awards are already being given for what was supposed to be such a surprise to the world. I thought the Arab Spring was a spontaneous movement of the people on the ground in North Africa.

It seems a little like Obama getting the Nobel peace prize ahead of time for the Peace somewhere in the world that he is supposed to deliver. Is it to be in Israel?


Yes, I acknowledge that we may be seeing ducks and ships sail by in shapes of the clouds that are not really there. We might even be seeing inkblots with particular shapes that reveal as much about us as about the ink we see. Nevertheless that is our task.

There exists another group of people who have a similar task. One would hope the deepest inner workings of our military are looking for those patterns which might reveal the cloud beginning to emerge as the visible weapon about to attack.

Those who might see the pattern  might also be only seen as “Churchillian” and accused of protecting an old imperial order and being unwilling to give way to the new world order. They may have already retired or been shunted to the teaching of raw recruits.

If we are correct they only wake up late in the game when they send armies to the middle east to fight. Maybe the “hook” that brings the northern power down to the middle east is the realization of the developing hegemony that the EU/NATO juggernaut is building?


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