What will Jerusalem look like in 2031


Avraham Burg: A temple in Jerusalem

Thank God, we have arrived at Jerusalem Day 2031. The last 20 years were the most amazing years of Jerusalem, equal only to the first 20 years of the Kingdom of David. At some point during Netanyahu’s tenure the detestable Temple Mount mosques went up in flames and no one protested.

Yedidia Meir: Global center

In 20 years Jerusalem will be the center of the world. Not everyone will live in it, but all citizens of the world will feel they are Jerusalem residents in some way. Physically, it will be the capital of the State of Israel, but spiritually the temple built in its center will be intended for all people.

Comment by Adamantine:

I think in 2031 Christians will walk the streets of Jerusalem and all will know King Jesus is ruling.


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