The Rise of the Roman Empire Beast in the Mediteranean Sea

1) Javier Solana in 1994, Foreign Minister of Spain

Initiative for the dialog was the result of urging from the three NATO members (in 1994) that border the
Mediterranean Spain, Italy and France – that NATO had an interest in stability in the
Mediterranean region. The first talks… Friday February 24
1995….the three members felt that NATO was focusing
too much on its eastern flank,  …

2) Javier Solana in 1995, Secretary General of NATO

Towards the end of ( Solana became Secretary General of NATO toward the end of 1995)
1995 NATO decided to pursue the ( Mediterranean) dialog, to extend it to Jordan, and to give it a permanent

3)Javier Solana in 1998, Secretary General of NATO

By Caroline Faraj
AMMAN — Secretary General of (NATO) Javier Solana praised Jordan’s role and expressed hope for more cooperation … through the Mediterranean dialogue.

“I think that Jordan,… a member of the Mediterranean dialogue with NATO since 1995, has played a role in contributing to security and stability in the Middle East region,” Solana told the Jordan Times at NATO headquarters …

Solana conceded that the purpose of that dialogue is not clear yet

“The most important relationship …  is through the Euro- Mediterranean partnership,

” Solana said. “NATO comes second after the EU and can do a lot,” … the organization can “give added value”

“Frankly speaking, we haven’t gone far enough. We are prepared and we have to go further, but we also need your countries to have the will to go further…”

4) 1999 as Secretary General of NATO

Conference in Valencia ”The Mediterranean Dialogue and the New NATO” February 1999

 … US Rand Corporation:   “The Future of NATO’s Initiative: Evolution and Next Steps”: The Dialogue reflects the Alliance’s view that security in Europe is closely linked to security and stability in the Mediterranean.

Remarks by Javier Solana at the conference

I would argue that the Mediterranean is a key issue where coordination may offer huge payoffs.coherence could have synergistic effects in… all areas

NATO and the EU working together towards the same strategic ends could … have a decisive effect…

5) Javier Solana in 2009 as High Representative

What lessons for the future?”

Our … actions have to be
firmly anchored in political strategies.
The solution is always political. … all require a political deal
…the interests and
power of all involved. Power is not just
military or financial muscle, legitimacy
is …more important.
Our Member States …   must
improve our ability …  of our
political engagement in other parts of
the world. The strengths of one…must become a source of strength
for the others … EU action.
Partnerships become more
and more important … We can
do  much  more  than  10  years  ago.  But
we cannot do  it alone. …through
strategic cooperation
The ‘either/or’ EU-NATO debate is
outdated… the added value of the broader
EU/ESDP approach to security has been
demonstrated. The key issue now is to
develop a more flexible framework for
working together.

Comment by Adamantine:

Javier Solana was around the Madrid Peace talks Spain  in 1991,EuroMediterranean conference (1995)  Spain at Barcelona , ENPI (2004) which link Europe and the Mediterranean world, as prime mover in the initiatives of the Alliance of Civilizations initiated from Spain and Turkey,  instrumental in having the Union of the Mediterranean  headquartered at Barcelona, Spain.

In November 1993  as the foreign minister of Spain he signed the first treaty between an EU member state and Israel referencing middle east peace. In March 1995 as Foreign Minister of Spain he helped inaugurate  Eurofor as a military cooperative . Javier Solana was instrumental in the initiation of the expansion of NATO eastward.

Javier Solana while foreign Minister of Spain in 1994  initiated calls for a Mediterranean dialogue of NATO

It is possible to see that he was instrumental in extending the reach of Europe towards the Mediterranean at multiple junctures.

6) Javier Solana 2011

The Mediterranean reborn

The Mediterranean is undergoing a monumental political transformation.

The Mediterranean played a crucial role in the first Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations, was the sea of the Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans, and was the center of the world first for the Arabs and Barbarians, and later for the Ottomans and the Spanish. Today, …the Mediterranean has a great opportunity to recover its lost prestige.

7) NATO and the Arab Spring

Some people have asked why NATO acted in Libya but not elsewhere, in particular in Syria. My answer is clear. We took action in Libya because we have a strong mandate from the Security Council and solid support from countries in the region. That is a unique combination which we have not seen elsewhere.

However, there is no solely military solution to this conflict. The only lasting solution will be a political one that responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Libyan people. NATO allies and partners will keep up the pressure to pave the way for such a solution. .. the question is not if Qaddafi will go, but when.

NATO already has two partnership frameworks that bring together the 28 allies with many countries of the region: our Mediterranean Dialogue with Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia,

A democratic Libya, if it were interested, would be a most welcome new partner.

Further Comment by Adamantine:

A possible reason NATO acted in Libya and no where else is because Libya resisted the growing influence of Europe and it was time to remove Kaddafi.

Libya resisted the advances of Europe in the Mediterranean.

They have now been given an offer they cannot refuse. The EU and NATO are synergistic actors in the advance of the Roman Empire into the Mediterranean.

The reason Baroness Ashton can never be seen as a  strategic thinker like Javier Solana is because  a Europe under her leadership would not attempt to rule the world let alone the Mediterranean.

Javier Solana like Napoleon of France, Alexander of Greece , Julius Caesar of Rome and  Adolf Hitler of Germany  had big plans.

The leaders from the past had plans which included conquest …….by peace of the Mediterranean…….but when necessary by war.

With Libya we may be seeing the shift to war. It is certainly war and we are seeing the fruits of the synergistic combination of the EU and NATO.

“NATO and the EU working together towards the same strategic ends could … have a decisive effect” Javier Solana 1999 quoted above.

More war to come ?

When the Book of Revelation speaks of the beast rising from the sea it may be speaking of the literal Mediterranean Sea.


6 thoughts on “The Rise of the Roman Empire Beast in the Mediteranean Sea

  1. Adamantine-

    Thank you dear brother for all the valuable, prophetically-relevant information you have put forth in this forum the past days. I have not had time to respond to your posts these last few days but I have “hit and read” them and have been enlightened on many an occasion.

    It’s clear you have a passion for TRUTH and a passion to get TRUTH out to those the Lord brings into your circle or sphere of influence.

    God Bless you brother and thanks for being passionate about truth.


  2. totally agree with jake. what you wrote adamantine is so applicable to the scripture because a pattern really has emerged in following the career of the man we watch. everytime he turns around it is as though he has gained more power and influence in the world. and watching the territories yield to his political pressures of all types thru his policymaking is astounding. the Lord bless you with even more discernment and faith to stay right on the cutting edge in watching scripture shed it’s promised light. so glad to come and glean from what the Lord makes known to us in using you. may more and more eyes open to know the truth that is playing out right in front of us-now even in broad daylight-before the spirit of anti-christ has done even more work of deception. what a time to live!


  3. Adamantine,

    I’m glad that you have posted this theory. I believe that we have been led to think that two End Time players will be involved with Satan’s attack on the World as we near the Return of Christ. After reading Revelation 13, I feel that this may not be so.

    The seven heads could be the World Empires that have risen in the past, and the 10 horns, that are mentioned – which we now believe is the WEU, will be a part of the last World Empire. If you recall, once they became 10 permanent Nations, as far as the European Unions “Military Wing” – having the voting rights, they appointed a High Representative named Javier Solana. This is consistent with Daniel 7:24. This is the first Beast (in my opinion) that Revelation 13:1 -11 speaks of, and is the Beast of the Sea.

    The second Beast, which comes from the Earth is where I believe that the coming Antichrist comes in. This has been associated with the “False Prophet” in other teachings, but if you’ll notice, the term “False Prophet” isn’t even mentioned here. The term “False Prophet” isn’t mentioned until Revelation 16:13; 19:20; and 20:10. I find this interesting, because absolutely no where else in Scripture do you find that the term “False Prophet” or a man is named as the “False Prophet”. What we do find is that the Prophet Daniel mentions one End Time player – that being the Antichrist; and John prior to writing the Book of Revelation gives us warnings of a single man – that being the coming Antichrist; will show up on the scene.

    I know that all of this sounds crazy, and I’m certainly not dogmatic about it, but I just don’t see two End Time guys carrying out the mission of Satan. I even find it totally ridiculous that some believe that a man will receive some type of mortal wound – as if he takes a bullet to the head, comes back to life by the power of Satan and controls the World. This is nonsense, in my thinking. Satan doesn’t have the power over life, he cannot resurrect anyone. If this were true, he could resurrect an entire nation of evil men and women, and attempt to rule the World.

    So in closing, I believe that the Beast that receives the “mortal wound” is speaking of the Roman Empire, and it has risen out of the Sea, and will eventually dominate the entire World, as we will see wars increase – and this led by the coming Antichrist, who alone will be working by the power of Satan.


  4. “4) 1999 as Secretary General of NATO
    Conference in Valencia ”The Mediterranean Dialogue and the New NATO” February 1999″

    “NATO and the EU working together towards the same strategic ends could … have a decisive effect” Javier Solana 1999 quoted above.”

    Less than one month after the Valencia February 1999 Conference, the following letter was written to JS from and individual in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. I’ve wondered if Mr. JS ever got around to reading it? More than anything though is I pray the gentleman who wrote the letter has spent many joyful days with his then “new-born daughter, lovely wife and son”.

    An Open Letter to Javier Solana

    NATO Secretary General
    Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
    April 1999

    Dear Mr. Solana,

    I am an American citizen living in Yugoslavia. My children are the product of a beautiful relationship between myself and my wife, a Serb. I am watching what you are doing, carefully, each day.

    The most horrifying night of my life was spent due to you, personally. On March 22, 1999, my baby daughter Sara was born. On March 23, 1999, at around 11 p.m. I was watching as you announced that you had just given the order for airstrikes to be carried out on the sovereign state of Yugoslavia, without UN approval. My five year old son was sleeping. I hurriedly taped the windows of my little apartment in Novi Sad, covered them with blankets, and lay down next to my son, not knowing if we would be alive in the morning, not knowing if I would ever see my newborn daughter, not knowing if I would ever see my lovely wife again. The fear was overwhelming. I did not sleep.

    For almost three weeks now, day in and day out, your orders are being carried out. All the 26 nationalities of Yugoslavia are suffering because of your decision. Since you gave that infamous order, hundreds of thousands of people in Kosovo are on the run. Since you gave your blasphemous order, hundreds of innocent women, children and workers have died here in the rest of Yugoslavia. The bombs have fallen on a European civilization, on a Christian civilization, regardless of the celebration of Easter, whether Catholic or Orthodox… The bombs have killed regardless of age: old women, babies, children, young men just about to start their lives.

    The bombs have destroyed the lives of these people here. Their jobs, their schools, their hospitals, their factories, even their churches. In the Kosovar Prishtina, as in the Austro-Hungrarian Vojvodina, as in Serbia proper. Have you no shame? Have you no morality?

    NATO bombs have escalated the Kosovo powder-keg to the point where an exodus of Albanians was imminent, regardless of the case-by-case reasons for leaving. March 24, 1999, is the day they began their departure. This cannot be, and is not, a coincidence. You have become a part of the Kosovo problem, Mr. Solana, and not a part of the solution.

    I once considered the civilization we represent as one of the greatest to ever exist. Now, I see that you, as my representative, are a man without morality, forcing a “western lifestyle” which obviously has no morality, except perhaps the morality of monetary gain, the morality of the US dollar, the “New World Order”. You have little in common with me, a common American, living as a citizen of Europe.

    If you ever read this, though I doubt you will bother, please understand that I know about your rise to power. I know of your career and how you opposed NATO in the past. The only question that remains is: who bought your aching soul? And ask yourself: can you save that soul by sparing the lives of the millions you now endanger? Or is it simply too late?

    God be with you, Mr. Solana. May God give you insight into the crimes you are committing, and the good sense to try and recompense them in time. Your hands are drenched in the blood of innocents.

    Sincerely yours,

    Randall A. Major
    Novi Sad, Yugoslavia


  5. If the remarks made in the above referenced letter of April 1999 didn’t touch the heart of Mr. Solana, I seriously doubt that anything that anyone said to him now would either. All I could think when I read your post EnforcingHisGrace was wow what a letter. God help us it can’t be long now.


  6. Great post…I too see Libya as being the key country for the EU to integrate the Med. countries. Looks like they will be signing the Action Plans this month. I read the other day that Southern Sudan is also signing an Action Plan, pretty much the same one as the Med. countries. I found it interesting that the EU approached Sudan several years ago, but Sudan was not interested in joining. Now the country is split and the new southern government is jumping right into it. Seems like this is happening quite often these days. Also, yesterday the African Union signed an Action Plan with the EU, which covers just about every aspect of integration. I’m not sure why the EU is currently using a 2011-2013 time frame for their new action plans, as they were previously 5-7 years. It does seem to make Israel’s stand out even more. Keep up the good work–Abdiel79


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