Call for Prayer on Temple Mount


Comment by Adamantine:    Soon Jews will sacrifice on the Temple Mount. The support is building.,7340,L-4077011,00.html

Let us pray on Temple Mount

Op-ed: Time has come to end the discrimination, allow Jews to pray at Jerusalem holy site

Hagai Segal

Published: 06.01.11, 15:11 / Israel Opinion

The day the Old City was conquered was the happiest day in the sovereign State of Israel’s history. It was a rare day where imagination and reality, prayers and actuality came together. Even David Ben Gurion characterized it as a more joyous day than the day our independence was declared. Regrettably, it was also a day of historical failure: Instead of celebrating on Temple Mount, the paratroopers ran to the Western Wall.

They simply got confused. That generation was still closely attached to the memory of the Diaspora, where the Kotel served as a symbolic substitute for Temple Mount. This period kept on extending and with the passage of time we saw emotional confusion between the substitute and the original.

Mordechai Gur indeed announced that “Temple Mount is in our hands,” yet the focal point of the national and paratroop festivities was shifted to the Western Wall plaza. People forgot that while the Kotel is the closest thing to the real thing, it is not the thing itself. Our ancient forefathers clung to the Western Wall in the past for lack of any other choice.

However, we now have a choice. The Romans are gone, the Turks left, the Brits were expelled and the Jordanians were defeated. There is no longer any genuine obstacle preventing us from connecting to the site of our Temple.,7340,L-4076764,00.html

I want Jerusalem passport

Op-ed: Jerusalem should become unique entity that will serve

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2 thoughts on “Call for Prayer on Temple Mount

  1. Hagai Segal! What do you mean “allow”? It is ours and we can pray there whenever we want to. If an unfair deal was made a very long time ago in order to appease Muslims, it is declared nil and void by the priestly benediction that took place. The Temple Mount is cleansed of Jewish fears. Muslims can pray at Mecka!


  2. Wow – big news today, yesterday calling for prayer, and today Cohanim recite the priestly prayer on the temple mount – with police protection while the Wakf watch in horror.

    Horror is my choice of words- and I think its something the wakf need more of to prepare them for what is to come. Being on the wrong side of a king who takes to the battlefield in a robe dipped in blood – that would be some pretty deep horror there. I’d rather they come to Christ now before they have to face that.


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