Economic Globalization and Global Governance and JS

With this new agreement, Repsol Foundation, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation ESADE, ESADE promote the activities of the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (ESADEgeo), supporting the generation of practical knowledge in this area and promoting opportunities for their implementation . The agreement also strengthens the involvement of both institutions in supporting education, innovation and knowledge.

In 2009, ESADE created the Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (ESADEgeo) and appointed president of the center to Professor Javier Solana. Since then, ESADEgeo has launched an intensive activity and has produced numerous reports, articles and publications. It also launched several training sessions in geopolitics, that have had more than 600 participants.ESADEgeo aspires to become, in the medium term, an international benchmark study of economic globalization and global governance and its impact on different social, economic and political.

Comment by Adamantine:

I am OK with this as long as the right hand and forehead is uninvolved.


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