Non Aligned Movement support ‘crucial to Palestinian independence



Light Blue Nations have Observer Status

Palestine has expressed its intention to submit its declaration of independence this September. How do you see this Palestine problem?

That would be a question which is up to member states. Palestine is actually looking for different things. One is to be recognized on the bilateral level by the biggest number of possible partners. They say there are more than 110 recognitions. It is up to what every single state member wants to do. The second level is that it could ask to become a member of the UN. The General Assembly is the track to become a member of the UN.

What would be the way to get there? The charter is clear. The first step: The Palestinians should apply to the secretary-general to become a member, in which it declares it will respect the full charter of the UN. 

The second step is that this application must be transmitted by the secretary-general to the Security Council. The Security Council will discuss this, and according to the charter, must make a recommendation or review to the General Assembly. If there is no recommendation, the General Assembly cannot do anything. If there is a recommendation, the third step is the General Assembly has to decide. We need a two-third majority, 128 out of 192 members. The question is whether Palestine would go through the Security Council or not.

Comment by Adamantine:

It is apparent that this will likely be the issue the world deals with come September.



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