A Way Forward without the WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION (WEU)

Parable by Adamantine:

Imagine that you are a new employee for the Chrysler Corporation recently hired at one of three plants located in Detroit, Michigan. You are hired to work the assembly line placing on hubcaps at the second largest of the automobile assembly plants.

During the first week on the job at your Christian Fellowship meeting an older Christian approaches you and tells you that they have a “word” from the Lord for you.
You are told:
” You will prosper at your job and someday you will become the CEO but that you will go through difficult times and have to close down the three plants  in Detroit.  This will hurt many friends of yours. You are told to be encouraged because you will be allowed to continue on as the CEO even after this difficult time period for the company. You will in time pass through this difficult time and the company will grow even bigger to ten plants in Detroit alone and seventeen more in other cities in Michigan.

Years pass and you do prosper and become vice president of the Chrysler Corporation but you are offered a great opportunity to work at Daimler Corporation at a higher salary and with more responsibility.
As you leave to start at the new job you are reminded of the prophecy from 15 years before and say
quietly in your heart that the prophecy apparently was not correct. The company never had more than the three plants in Detroit and you never had to close any of them.

On the second week of your new position at Daimler you are called to an emergency meeting of the top staff at Daimler Corporation to hear that the current CEO has been diagnosed with a terminal illness just the day before and you are to be offered the position of the CEO of Daimler corporation. You accept.

One week later as you sit down to your desk as the new CEO of Daimler Corporation you discover that one of the last acts of the previous CEO was to purchase Chrysler Corporation. The requirements of the purchase will be the closing of the three “Daimler” (Chrysler) plants in Detroit as well as six other plants. However within one year you are able to reopen the three closed plants and build seven more Daimler/Chrysler plants in Detroit alone. These added to the others in Michigan bring the total of Daimler manufacturing plants in Michigan to twenty seven. Business is good again.

One night as you give thanks to God for the quick return to a brisk business you realize that the prophecy was fulfilled. You became the CEO and that you closed the three plants. You now had ten plants in Detroit plus seventeen others in Michigan for a total of twenty seven.

Comment by Adamantine:

As you may see this is the story retold of the EU and  WEU.

The WEU was “purchased” by the EU.

If JS becomes CEO of the EU he will also become CEO of the nations of the WEU even though the name of the WEU is lost and the three companies to be closed or horns to be uprooted are under the new management of the EU.

If JS becomes CEO of the EU he will also become eventual CEO of the ten nations of the WEU which were purchased by the EU in the years prior.

They will no longer retain the name of the WEU or as in the parable the name Chrysler but the prophecy will still be fulfilled.

The closing of the WEU in June does not close the door on further prophetic fulfillment as it may relate to JS.


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