Broad strokes

Comment by Adamantine:

1) In the midst of the heptad he shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease

It may be possible that in the midst does not mean at the exact midpoint.

Hence the lack of a stopping of a sacrifice in April or July 2010 did not exclude a later time during the ENPI which runs to December 31, 2013 as being a time for the stopping of the sacrifice. This also means that the end time events may run much beyond the seven year time frame of the ENPI.

2) The little horn shall uproot three horns and then the remaining seven shall give their power to the little horn

It may be possible that the little horn arises after the ten and then becomes leader of the ten again as he leads all 27. He then uproots any number of the 27 but it must include three from the original ten. When some number of the remaining non uprooted nations give their power to the little horn it must include all remaining seven of the original ten.

Hence the WEU is no longer needed. It served as a marker. This may also be true of Rec. 666

3) He shall be given power to continue for 42 months must be accurate but he might usurp additional time to rule.

4) The 42 months he shall be given power to continue does not have to be the same 42 months that the two prophets preach.

5) The 42 months that the two prophets preach does not have to be the same 42 months that the Gentiles trod down Jerusalem

6) The 42 months that it does not rain do not have to be the same 42 months as any of the other 42 months.

7) The gentile forces that trod down Jerusalem might be EU, UN, Quartet or NATO forces.

8. The sacrifice and oblation is stopped however:

The sacrifice and oblation that is stopped may be either the Passover sacrifice or the start of Temple Sacrifice but it does not require a rebuilt Temple but simply an appropriate altar on the Temple Mount.

Personally I suspect Israel shall finally realize that nothing will appease the world and that not performing a sacrifice on the Temple Mount will not preserve the peace. They will finally realize they have little to lose and possibly attempt to prove their ownership of the Temple Mount site. It is the most likely event to upset world powers and cause Gentile powers to enter Jerusalem. Next spring seems very possible.

9) The Antichrist shall be denied the honor of the kingdom.

The Antichrist does not have to hold the Presidency of the EU

10) The military conquest of Cush, Libya and Put may occur prior to the AC sweeping through them

Hence the conquest of the current countries in the middle east by NATO may be the entree for the AC

11) The  a) Abomination of desolation and  b)going into the temple to proclaim deity  may be different events and may occur at different times.

12) The treaty with the many for a heptad is not necessarily a peace treaty.

Hence the ENPI may be the treaty.

13) When the sacrifice is stopped there is not necessarily a breaking of the seven year pact.

Hence the ENPI may not necessarily ever be broken.

14) The number 666 which is somehow the number of a man and linked to a buying and selling control program is not excluded from also identifying events prior and after.

Hence Document 666 , Recommendation 666 and gold at 666  on July 14 2007 may all have been legitimate additional markers to identify either the programs or person o the Antichrist or both. God in His providence may also use it some day as a marker in much smaller events of the world where it will speak to even but one individual.

The original theories required a construction of a full model for anyone to make sense of anything.

The willingness to deconstruct the theories of the past and look for other patterns and sequences and reconstruct that which may instead be the fulfillment may be what is required to reconstruct an accurate picture as the actual events unseal and reveal to the end time generation the actual truth.

Do not expect many to be willing to study current events or biblical theories well enough to follow the current discussion.

It will take wisdom to see and determine if these possibilities are prophetic. If there remains any truth in these possibilities then we should be able to see more of  the broad strokes fairly soon. If not that also should be more evident soon.

We have until the end of 2013 to watch under the current process. This is taking patience.

It would be nice to hear which of these suggestions  others think are reasonable and which are too open to manipulation to be correct ways of looking at the issue.

It certainly seems likely that several of these are required ways of looking at events even and especially if JS should get a reappointment.

In any case it appears as though all of the position statements and political trends that JS helped put in motion are coming together in the next months. The die may be cast so to speak. 





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